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Nobody really ever listens until you're at your lowest. Until you start ignoring other people. And then all of a sudden you're the bad guy. All of a sudden, every little inconvenience is your fault,
she was only five when she didn’t want to live anymore praying to God to make her life better to stop the abandonment, the neglect suddenly acting up in school was the effect  
When I tell you I love you, Do not be taken aback by my sincerity Do not mistake the passion on my tongue for malice The fiery flick of a candle A forest fire in a distant dream
I'm walking down Passing a pond Being pushed down Attacked Rip for rip Punched in the lip Crying silent unstable Rape Taking what isn't his  But never cared
I am no more than a piece of body  that you choose to take advantage of  I say no you keep it up  But enough is enough  I am more than a body  I am human 
I have listened to your song on repeat Over and over again in the dark Different styles and different artists But still your song I have listened to every note, every lyric And I realize only now 
Inspiration It's everywhere It is differently identifiable to everyone To me It's through music Music gives me the opportunity to display how I feel without saying a word All I have to do is be 
Inspiration It's everywhere It is differently identifiable to everyone To me It's through music Music gives me the opportunity to display how I feel without saying a word All I have to do is be 
Hello.   Are you there? I can't tell. I am speaking Into the emptiness of space, hoping There is someone there On the other side To listen.  
When I ask you to listen, and you start to give me advice, you have not done what I asked. When I ask you to listen to me, and you begin to tell me why I shouldn't feel that way, you are trampling on my feelings.
DEAR MOM AND DAD, by kaleena mojarro   Dear mom and dad, Look at me and tell me what you see The pain in my eyes is not what you see
Ignore, you will lose Tell, you will lose. Act, you will lose. Listen, you will win.  
Liberation of the mind, of the voices from behind, leave us blind to the motives we may seek. Catching us weak, in a moment so long, a week, we lose what is reality. How it’s supposed to be. Seeing these things we never wanted to see.
Liberation of the mind, of the voices from behind, leave us blind to the motives we may seek. Catching us weak, in a moment so long, a week, we lose what is reality. How it’s supposed to be. Seeing these things we never wanted to see.
The Earth is not here for itself. Does nobody understand the brevity of the situation? The world needs us. It needs the boundless energy of our children, The stories of those wisened by age.
You can see it.  Here it is. A new place. A big place. Bigger than before.  People passing, moving - always moving.  But stop.  Can you hear me?  Are you moving too fast? Looking every other way but here?
You can see it.  Here it is. A new place. A big place. Bigger than before.  People passing, moving - always moving.  But stop.  Can you hear me?  Are you moving too fast? Looking every other way but here?
Overcome with feeling Looking for ways of healing Turning to the words When speaking comes out blurred Poetry speaks volumes So listen.
Once I read a quote that most people do not  listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply. And those words couldn't be farthest from the truth.  
(Terza Rima) There is a meaning in everything told Even in a single word, or few more Just listen to what is said, none to hold.
You listen, but you do not hearYou listen, but you do not understandYou listen to hear your voiceYou listen to understand your mindYou listen, but not to me Listen 
“Don’t talk to me in that tone!” Yes, mother, I apologize for my insolent self.  
Death is a woman, But how could i know it? She doesn't fall in love, But she sure doesn't show it,   Death is my oxygen, After too many amoxicillin, Is there better advice?
There are days I could scream scream at the top of my lungs, scream untuil my voice is gone, silenced like my voice is now. I could scream and never be heard, so I do not even open my mouth.  
These are my tears, that drips into the very first lines that I wrote on this paper. My own blood spewing out of my body. The blood. My blood boiling. Only do to the fact of knives! Knives, knives, and more KNIVES!
Pool Boy, You were just a boy, sixteen years young - (blank) neighbor. (Blank) demons derive from our paths crossing when (Blank) was 4. The day was hot, wearing nothing but the trainning bra and
My headphones are already loud But I turn up the noise in an effort to ignore the turmoil downstairs   I don't mean to listen I don't want to listen I'd rather not but  
Do you know how it feels to be black? Keeping one eye over your back. The cops stopped my brothers and I in our tracks. "Hey, where are you heading?" We were heading home where prejudice and racial injustice did not exist.
I watched it before I didn’t speak You let it happen to me I couldn’t speak I couldn’t stand up for myself The taste of being ignored Behind a locked door Was an abuse that became too familiar
How can we be The land of the free And the home of the brave, When we are nothing more than a knave, an enclave, Digging our own grave?  You can hear their cries, The millions of sobs very loud and clear,  Those of a mother, mourning the death of
To listen, or not to listen? That is the question Whether it is right to listen to the sound of others Following what they believe to be of sound mind Or to take a stand for one's own thoughts,
The problem with meakness is we think it shows we have weakness. I walk through life faking my emotions and wanting to be seen. Always speaking, was my meme. I need to be seen. 
The thing about poetry is that it calms your thoughts  relating one thing to another without so much as a pause  because our brains work in mysterious ways  poetry tells us we don't have to be afraid 
Listen to me cry out.  Can't you hear my tears or is my smile too loud? Listen to the creak of my heart. Can't you hear it breaking from the weight of this world? Listen to the silence.
I won’t be fake, I won’t do wrong. I won’t try to fit in, because I know I don’t belong.   I listen to the music, I listen to the song.
This class is really dumb. Time doesn’t seem to ever pass. But I’m starting to feel numb, to the idiocy of our class. Our teacher’s lessons seem muddled,
PAY ATTENTION Get ready for this intervention People are dying Children are crying Men are lying
Listen We all have voices But us as people, we don’t make the right choices. Instead of letting others speak,
I’m not much of a poet But then other times I think Maybe I am if Only in some ways   In a rush or a trickle When I least expect them to Words have a way of Flying from my hands  
Does anyone else feel like they are useless? Did anyone else think they could be better? Does anyone else hate themsleves more than their enemies could hate you? Did anyone else think they were loved this whole time?  
i guess this is what happens when people get too close they see i am too much i am nothing but suffering i consume the love i try to give gets engulfed back into me with the brutal force of rejection
Yes I've figured it out, Yes I've worked hard, But it would seem that only I am proud, Of my ability to say RAWR!!!!! I scream from the pits, The emotions in my heart. I scream so I won't fall apart.
Click   Adjust my bow tie.Put on a façade of fanciness.I love the Met.Or is it Carnegie?Kimmel Center?Honestly can't tellSounds the same to me. Click  
Part you heart and bleed for me, let me know this pain will pass. If not envelop me with your love, for if you don't I doubt I shall last.   My heart if failing slowly now, I need some parts of yours.
A world of hate and critisism. A world of judging eyes What more can we do but listen, As people speak their ignorant lies. I know I can't stay silent, Not when I can fight,
"Listen, listen  Do you hear The peircing scream Through the atmostphere  Listen, listen  Do you hear Those long, long screams Of pain and fear Listen, listen Do you hear
It is in the sound of my alarm that wakes me up every morning. It is in my mother’s voice Greeting me as I come upstairs. It is on the radio
People always tell you to talk to people When you're feeling sad, Angry, Anxious, Anything of the sort. They'll say tell an adult If you or someone else feels depressed, Suicidal,
I am a  Work of art but torn apart never sleep but always dream in a world of hate I try to appreciate Here come closer No don't go sir You didn't even try to listen
I lay down,
When I was growing up, I imagined my life A sparkling fairytale A delicately blooming water lily upon the surface Of my reality Everything would be perfect, set and ready for me  
Let's make this blunt like some marijuana. People never understand my mental process. How can someone so young have thoughts like these running through heir mind? Youth like me.
I am Survivor Anne Who has been cast away, who could never meet demands by those more cruel by the words they say. And though they spit and punched and screamed and tried to tear her dow
Everyday I sit back and wonder is it even worth it I contemplate hoping to sleep and pray the days away. 2015 "New Year New Me" I don't believe in that it's all a hoax its not me.
I'm a creeper. I listen intently but never join in. I sit in the back so I don't miss anything. I'm invisible. I have a name but don't want you to know it.
Fellow white people!
why don't people just stop and listen? to the crickets chirping on a cool night. to the slowing breath of the one they love, laying beside them.  listen to the air around them, for it's silence is loud enough.   
I can hear the noise of kids playing; I can hear the murmurs of evangelical Christians praying.  I hear an ambulance siren trying to save a life. I hear drug dealers negotiating their price. 
sound wave
I write in you My mother says it’s childish My innermost thoughts My secrets Locked safely in the tear wrinkled pages of your tattered spirit Burdened with my shameful exploits of debauchery and lust
If you understood you wouldn't have to ask. If you listened to me I wouldn't have to repeat. Please just look me in the eyes and know what i am feeling.
I want to show you who I am
I ask you to listen to me You hear my words but you only hear, not listen You have not done what I've asked I ask you to care for me You care about me but only to an extent You have not done what I've asked
Cheeks are tear stained Streaked with regret and hurt.  So much hurt.  the laughter echos in her ears Like Satan keeps hitting repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  This is what she feared
A tender talent which few posses, That causes hardened hearts to soften, Lifts the burden, allay the stress, Is a talent that I use often.   What calms great feuds through silent deed,
Play me like a piano Let your fingers glide over my keys Strike a chord Resounding and clear Make music that everyone can hear   Write a melody And play of me a song
Why is everybody so quick to judge before even taking the chance to get know someone? Don't get me wrong, no better. But fuck look at that person. You think they are who they claim to be. I did, before I took the time to just listen.
To speak but not to be heard.
in my mind
Me and You We going to rendezvous Because I love you boo And
All is lost, all is found, all is quiet so make no sounds. For the halls may be quiet but the walls speak louder than your words can.
We judge before we know Accept those with media at their disposal A profile picture isn't a window to the soul You'll never know I'd stay up countless hours  Talking, Talking, Talking
I am so very quiet You might not know I am there But I am your listening ear I'm there to hear your problems I hear to show I care Just call my name Tell me your shame And once you're done
(A.K.A 'Question')Why praise God, onlyto curse & challenge His namewhen a trial comes?
Sometimes it’s lonely, Being the one left behind, Blocked off from reality, No longer part of life,   No one really looks, Deep within, See the soul reflected,
I'm always thinking and I'm dreaming I'm always creating and my eyes are gleaming  With the thoughts of what can be and what will My optimism is why I cannot keep still and some people wonder where it comes from
Inspiration is the key, to get past the heavy door
her life isnt as perfect as it seems its filled with false hopes and fucked up dreams and when she searched the world she failed to find her  one  and only  piece of mind
whats this? its only just a claim whats that?  its only just a shame whos this? oh shes just a ghost a conversation with a ghost?  yes only because a ghost listens the most? hows that ?
whats this? its only just a claim whats that?  its only just a shame whos this? oh shes just a ghost a conversation with a ghost?  yes only because a ghost listens the most? hows that ?
The sun that rises every morning day, The light illuminates my precious way, The tennis court becomes my second home, Whether outside or in an indoor dome. I play for joy, for love, for sport, for peace,
I believe that I am a damaged girl. A girl who wanted others to be happy but herself. I am like a hidden book. I was ready to be read, but dusted on the shelf. I am the rusted pennies who wanted to be held and known as wealth,
Somedays I walk alone Not like I plan to or anything Just, I want to be alone Different minds, don't think a like Same minds, think alike I won't do drugs or drink Plus, if I smoke or even get near it
Each line a little story, a demonstration of truth, a living proof of action, tied together by their roots. Grab people and shake them to share their creative minds oppressed by harsh realities 
Who is this youth? A lie hides the truth  small truths hide big lies  Who is this youth?
Indeed imagination is inundated inside interminable ideas, Pouring purposes, poetry-pondering pages pertaining panegyric phrases, Entrapped, effortlessly entombed - ears eternally earning effrontery.
  Oh, the battles one fights in this life I was given
Do you ever feel alone? Like the world is on your back, but you have no one to bear it with you. And you struggle and struggle, but you can't fight it on your own. Then someone comes
Shes beautiful and strong . She gave us life and is wise when to take it. She loves you even if you attack her. She gives to us, even when we steal from her. She tries to warn us but we won't listen.
Get to walking Not a lot of talking Around these students, education roams The most connected of all domes Emory aren't we saying we are connected as a community
This earth is being attacked by what we produce And we live as if there is nothing wrong
Peace. Love. Happiness.  Remsembles all my wants. My 'already haves' sofficated, buried six feet under my soul.
I could say,   "Mama, Mama, Mama, come help me"   but you are so busy living out a Colorado fantasy
      Do you breathe in whistles, sir? Because every time I walk by that is all I hear.
Listen these days I feel enslaved in my thoughts left to rot in prison.
Straight up walking with that Filipino-rooted feet My mind wanders off in a whirlwind But this ain’t really about my origins right now But it’s about me currently
Blind. Blinded by the sound of nothing. Silence. Breath. Slam. Bang. Click. The intesity builds. Lights come into focus. Shadows. Anxious feet. Steady.
  The cold pillow is engulfed around your face, full of tears, full of dreams and memories shattered.
My ears captured the bells from afar. Though my eyes rest,I know exactly where we are. I can feel the throbbing pain, before I even stand. Why must I wear these? Who exactly am I trying to be,
Indulge in that smell of a vibrant cookie I'm just a rookie with the heart of poetry. At times I get lonely when no one's there I spread a utensil on white My mind wants to see.
SHHH!! Can you hear the screams and the cries of the lies that have been told to her in her lifetime? Again, she is looking for, searching for, yearning for the right time...
So I lie here thinking, not doing, just thinking
Hear me— From this abyss, From this vast emptiness, From my nothingness, Hear me— From balconies, from hillsides, from mountaintops, I shout to you, When the world has closed their eyes
there's something obscure about closure and asking for help ten years ago I would have shied away ten years today I'm still ashamed though, and when I write or take pictures, or try to play the guitar
If everyone saw who I really am, I can't, I won't, must hide.
Introducing: the storm that brews in her mind... It's force and undying winds become too much to bear Left her drained, dry, just an empty shell A foggy reflection, an expressionless stare  
A Best friend Simple two words yet many meanings. Sophomore year 2012 we met on December 31st
A hushed, resigned, tailor Observed, a noiseless, patient spider spin, Past Apollo's race, With needlework of kin, Our pace pulls in the dawn.  
Open up your ears  Please close your
The riddles that ring,like the telephones from now and the pastThe dialing of the words that spin in a continuous circle, they always lastAnd when you answerYou want to know why they called
Made of steel, built out of sweet blood, and salty tears Creating the barrier of a lifetime, to guard all your fears
I don't want to be your smoke break In the middle of the night, when you decide to take me out,
You are the sunshine i am the rain i just wanted You to be mine but You were avoiding pain  
I never thought I'd see the day; Where I'd struggle to find the words to say; But you leave me pondering, yet breathless; I can't hold it back, I must confess this; Your eyes read a book, yet you remain a mystery;
My little sister hides from me But she can not hide her pain Always followingAlways shadowing
  A puppeteer strings an open mouth, She is me, and I am her.   Tells me what to say− Obedient, teeth clacking.                                                   Indecent
The Antithetic Leaf   Come on...blow me away; Get me off of this tree;
Why the fuck do we need money to help people with injuries or illnesses? Why can't all of the countries around the world make an agrrement to make health care free?
I couldn't cure cancer, I'm not the next Steve Jobs and I will never write a best-selling novel. But I am not stupid. Why, then, do adults shake my opinions off?  Does my age define my maturity?
We sit face to face,but there is something in the way. An object that gives you satisfaction, its in my face and your eyes are lost and I wonder is this gonna work.
All she wanted to do was be heard.  And as she sat there, staring at the blank computer screen,  fingers hovering over keys A, F, G, quivering with the possibility of what could be,  she realized...
I feel entirely empty, so lost & distant; You leave me nothing, but a reminiscent; I hear your name and my heart skips beats; I try to cope, but always experience defeat;
Born to a family fighting to climb.
Risk this is more than a word this is the sweat that trickles down your skin and play with your nerves this word leave people speechless scared to move on a foot on the week and
Some times I feel useless unimportant ugly depressed and alone no one loves me every time something happens I am the blame they judge me for who I am
One. Today my boyfriend wanted to have sex. As we sat in his truck he tried explaining to me why this is a good idea. Two. “Come on baby,” He tried guilting me into it. Three. “We’ve been dating for 3 months,”
Who is out there that will hear me? Will you answer my cries?   Is there a future to heed my thoughts? Or will they be cast into the chasm of the past?
You feel it, like sweet kisses upon your skin. Kisses you yourself have never known, but still imagine.
Man have to know what's alone is.
I don't need your approval for my actions I don't care for your judgment on my transitions Even if I'm doing wrong I don't need your permission You would understand but you won't listen  
    When she lys in bed asleep
"Forgotten to become "   Disperse
I represent the woman who chooses to wear a veil. Who has lived here for years and still only gets stares. She says, “Hello, how are you?” And all you can think is you’re not like me now that won’t do,
except that isn't all there is now is it? you hear me don't you mom? but what matters is not the hearing but the listening
Writing gives off this liberating feeling The way that faith can do some healing Eyes and mind of a soul In a sense, losing all control Emotions pouring out Words fill the blank space without doubt  
Listen to my voice I might be able to help I can change the world
It really doesn’t hurt, But yes, I know my weight. I see the way I look, And I see you looking too.   It really doesn’t hurt, Besides, even I make jokes, My odd shape is comedy gold,
Pull me down and watch me plunder,   Because I was tamed by love and thunder.   Give me your wing to hide under,   Because I am sacred, and I am stubborn.  
Who knew one person could feel so many things but never say a word?
What's stopping us? Why can't we reach out to a neighbor and lend a healing hand? Mend a broken heart and be better friends? Bring a little sunshine where there has been heavy rain? And learn to love again?
My brothers and sisters, Friends and foes, A simple request I request of You: Listen.   I wish to speak not to your past, To the You you were those years ago. Nor do I long to speak to whom
Silence is a paradox.  Actions sounds louder than words,  but words create worlds without making a sound.  Have you ever read a book?  turning the page sounds louder than the story 
I have a smallish voice. It carries the weight of massive expression, But bears it alone.   My visions detonate in the world around me, They scatter and end up in every corner
Can you hear me? The one who is supposed to care for me though all that I do. Can you hear me?
I hear all the time,  "Get your life together, Courtney." "You have to focus on college, Courtney." They never ask why I'm acting this way,  or what my jumbled mind is thinking. 
A beat A rhythm A hook A chorus
I wish I listened. My only escape is here. This paper has wings.
Who knows who will hear me when I write a YoutTube comment, even though when I do it is rare. I hope my word is seen because lord knows I only do it because I care. I only do it for the sole purpose of just being aware.
I hear the music No one else hears And I wander through the streets. I sing along but They can't see me. What I have is such a treat!   I'm the invisible man. Super Special.
Listen Listen closely Listen closer, harder
all will bow and hushin the Creator's presencewhen Judgement's due. 
I am suffocating
  A silent child scared to speak a silent child who's afraid of what people think a silent child who so desperately wants to be heard
Open skys, please open Wide. Hold my wings and allow me to glide. Take my pain that I hide. And bring through the clouds a brand new tide.
Like a Spartan, bombarded, I go chargin' through gardensNo cigars, no guitars, just a smart pen, from bargains
Do you lie in bed at night wondering about the victorious one? What he must be hiding from you, do you ever pray for a sign? It doesn't take miracles, and I know you're not blind
I love you   My heart is yours But my body is not ready   Please do not try to convince me otherwise      
They come and go
 You will never cherish what you have until it's no longer there,
I am not a poet, but I write to be heard. I write. I write with knowledge. I write with power. I write with conviction. I write to be free. I write to lose myself and time and the world.
  Good communication is when one understands   And gives feedback to another.   Their feedback may be answered   Differently on ones sex or color.   Good communication should be 
Growing up  I always had so much to say but no one would listen  no would listen to the troubles of a child  because no one belived a child had troubles so I kept quite  I "stayed in a child's place" 
If I could only have one person hear me, it would be my child. If and when I bring another human being to this world, one day he or she will be where I am:
Hell is a four letter word that barely describes the pain. I’ve seen things you can never dream of, But it gave me something to gain. I’ve heard the cries of other souls begging to be taken out of their misery,
The sound of shoes scuffing the floor echoed throughout the hallway.    A black hood encases her face, hiding her from the world.   She keeps her head down,
They ask me why I write the words that I do,  What are my intentions? To be heard In the seemingly inescapable noise of societies chaos and noise pollution,
If I could be heard,  I would say listen.    Listen to the lost voices  And to those who cannot catch their breath, The ones too terrified to scream,
Most consider Africa the mot
I am a str
In a world endlessly dark immersed in hatred, in ash, was nearly no life left to squander no signs of the past Perpetual eclipses bombarded the Sun until all light diminished from
To all the victims in this world, 
You push me to be someone you see me being.   You want your dreams to be my dreams. You want me to be perfect. But I'm not.   In my head, I scream.
To tweet, or not to tweet - that is the question: Is it wiser to follow the crowd, sharing my every thought and action Or stand alone above the fray. To tweet, to expose - my personal life-
You have to finish your homework before you can watch T.V.
We all have a voice inside us That wants to be heard To scream above the mountain tops Our greatest dreams and fears To express oneself for all to hear Would be a dream come true
When you are a kid, the world seems magnificent, some may even say magical.   As you get older, you open your eyes to change, and encounter struggles.   Keep going,
From my moment of creation I had a determination  
If you tell me some guy is “a dick”, I will inform you that no, his name is Charles. If you go on to say that Charles is “happy to see me”, I’ll wonder how you know. His roll of mints, the pencil,
  To be heard, is to be loved  to be heard is to be loved. 
To speak my voice is to let my words ring out into the air, reverberating through every corner.
It always amazes me how beautifully she snores once she’s talking to me. No matter how badly her and I both haven't been able to sleep.
Hello out there! Can you see me? My tears, my pain, Do you see me?   I'm over here! Can you hear me? My cries, my lies-- Suprise! Do you hear me?   I'm shaking here!
Are you going to let me talk? Or should I start to walk? If you would listen then you would know That when I talk, my feelings show. You won't let anyone see How pretty I can actually be.
Slowly coming sucky death getting closer with each breath within my heart there burns a flame that gets brighter at the sound of your name.
Can you repeat you that one more time? Can you conjure up the feelings Can you make the words rhyme? I know that you think you’re safe But you need to see the signs Can you say that last thing you said to me
We live in a world where no one is accepted It’s 2014 and nothing much has changed Society is way harsher now than it was in 1960 1960 was the time where everyone accepted each other for who they were
Silence flows through the air oh so coldsitting there waiting a young man so old, asking for love
People we have to Stand up for what we believe in .. Dont let anymone stop your shine ..  As African Americans  we have to do this for Dr. King for having a Dream For Malcom X , for keeping the PEACE 
My home, my school, How I love you so dearly But without your restraints, I would have been able to live more freely   Although my friends and memories Came from these halls, The place itself
These words are in my head Shouting, begging to be released. They have slowed but never ceased, Weighing me down like lead.   I try to keep them inside Tucked away in the dusty corners
Listen now and listen close. This matter here is not to boast. I'm begging you here on my knee. Please, will you just listen to me?
Let's go I'm ready
Listen to the Water Listen to the Sun Listen to the Sand They're all so grand The swishing whish of Water The beating heart of Sun The whispering shh of Sand as one
It's hard to explain feelings To someone who hasnt experienced them. It's hard to explain what silence sounds like Without having first heard a sound. All of these feelings we try to disguise,
In that moment, the warm breeze floated across my face. The tears were trying not to come.  Your eyes gleam of realization when my words flowed out. The stars shown as we were close. 
"No dream is too big, no effort is too small. My dream is to make a change. My dream is to change it all.   We spend too much time handling mistakes and crimes,
Can He still feeel the nails dig in? Each time I fall and just give in To evey lie? To evey sin?
If you are a real christian you will love everyone, for love is the greatest commandment of all,Hatred causes arguments, but love overlooks all wrongs.
My screams echo against my own ear drums. Yet, no one even turns a head to save me.  Do you hear me?
Missiles of mistrust and combating reality, 
  I am a woman, Not a figurine that can be stood on a shelf
Kids, teens, youg adults, we are not all the same. Not in our ability to learn nor our in our ability to remember what we've learned. So why,
Oh teacher,oh teacher,How lost we each are. Both reaching,both searching,knowing we are not truly showing who we are. Will they listen now?Will they react now?Are their signs on how they fare?
I sit here on graduation day.
Teacher teacher listen here  Today I have to share
    Thank you faculty of education,
It's your turn to listen to me now.
Some times I want to tell you things, but you just stare into the wall as if the students were there.
The echo of a snicker. My feelings their biggest conquer. Emotional hurt they prefer. Poking at me,  That memory still showcased. Authority refused to see. Now they hide behind cyberspace,
Teacher, you sit in class
"Stand up," you say "You'll use this someday" But that day never comes for T. Gray   They called her whore, and  you heard all of this Yet you ignored it because ignorance is bliss  
"Stand up," you say "You'll use this someday" But that day never comes for T. Gray   They called her whore, and  you heard all of this Yet you ignored it because ignorance is bliss  
In a sea of fish, You are the sand. On Christmas day, you are the socks my mom bought for us. In an orchard of peaches,
I raise my hand Because I have a question I call your name Because I don’t understand I want you to listen Because I don’t know it all Even though I’m leaving next fall I need now to stand tall
They don’t wanna see me with you, they say I can do better But what do they know? Tellin me how to feel and how to love At the end of the day nobody knows about this but US
I possess the ability to pick up a pen and pad, Then progress to prophisize any feelings I've had, In the form of a melody, exciting or sad However, no one will listen. Isn't that bad?  
I like how you tell me,in so many removed terms, that I'm falling apart -- as if I don't know it's wrongto savor the scent of my sweat, or I'm not awarethat my house is the line
Watching you from above. Through your worst  and your happiest times. Bursting with pride and hope. But have you forgotten what I have done? Have you forgotten my sacrifice?
  School is a place of study This is the biggest lie As soon as you enter the doors You cannot help but cry Constant revenge for nothing you may have done
   Spacing out. That look in my eyes that you despise  but I am too far gone, To notice. When you ask the question If you’d ask the question Not, “Wake up, Miss!”
Still pulchritudinous, I can see you now, No Mystery here; nor why or how, ~ The color of perfume caressing your arms, This damn velvet scent will never change,
All come in, all sit down. Some sync-in, others clown around. None of their minds quite truly receive The insightful investment they need to succeed.  
Have you ever thought of suicide? If you’re strong enough to put a blade to your throat? Or a gun to your head?
If you only knew the thoughts that roamed in my head My presence in your classroom you’d dread
Into antique graffitiYou slam me;Books filled with the company ofEnemies and falsehoodsMold me,And them,And usInto mechanized monsters,Unable to breathe,With disparities for
Drip-drop, drip-drop My head throbs to the rhythm of the moist cave Sinking lower into loneliness, World pushing through my blockade. Jehovah- Rapha  
We live in a world of segregation Where everywhere you go its racist places I’m not just talking about your skin or complexion Also what you believe in Martin fought for equality But people don’t comprehend
Dont ignore when I ask for help Dont say their just playing around Do you think I will feel better that its just a joke? You might think im lying to get attention You might brush me off as being emotional
To teach in schools today, You must be one of us. You must laugh at dirty jokes, And make references that we get. It’s not hard, I promise there’s a way We may kick and scream a raise a fuss
Would you rather be in love OR would you rather be alone and heartbroken forever?   Would you rather learn and make your future successful OR would you rather have no future?
You are curious You are just a child
Chased down the halls, Laughter pounding your ears. Kids yelling names your way. As you run, you grow smaller.  Fianlly, Find your favorite teacher. Plead for help,
People say show your spirit I say hold your glory. However, nobody listens. They say lets fight, I say hold your ground. However, nobody listens. Now look what happened.
A Diamond in the Sea of Fire Amber Clark   Its the everyday struggle, the everyday climb Pulling me down against the raging tides.   I just want to succeed, I just want to find
I don’t think they understand it This building is not where our lives end or began   When I go home I don’t think about equations and test dates Yeah- I am more concerned with family and friends  
Dear teacher I'm not a good student  I don't give a damn about what you say I only listen to get out of here a little sooner   Dear Teacher Stop choosing favorites
Of days when I have forced my will To school, and kept myself so still, And haven't uttered cries of grief, Of your incompetent relief - Deriving from your lack of skill, In the ability to feel
I’d say it in person, but I fear rejection Because when a student speaks out there’s surely ejection You ask who I am, just look at my friends I stay true to my values while others change like trends
Your knoweldge of the world is high But is that a reason to undermind me? Just because I dont understand the material doesnt mean I cant see I know you have a Bachelor Degree Maybe even a Masters
High school I wasted. College I hated. Everthing seemed more important than saying I made it. A high was sufficent. For that I was persistent. Had something to say but nobody would listen. Yeah I had morals. Hopes and dreams, those too.
Do you really care about your students? Does my opinion matter at all? or am i just a silly little teenager? only here taking up an hour of your day?   that doesnt matter
If you would just give me a minute I'll tell you why I'm worth it I'll tell you why you shouldn't talk to me the way you do   If you would just give me a minute. I'll explain why I'm hurting
As students we come to learn Getting good grades is our concern But if we look at the page And we feel our minds stuck in a cage We tend to give up in turn. So as a teacher, pay attention
When you see this soft-spoken, shy girl sitting at her desk, You see someone weak As I quietly doodle away on my note-pad, You see someone distracted When every other girl giggles and laughs with her friends,
We cannot live without it It brings bottled hope to the days of Sunburns and sweat It is our food, bodies, miracles, and love   Listen closer
Little bird, Your voice is heard. I see your tears, I understand your fears. I will fight for you, But you must fight too.   Little bird, You mean the world to me,
Listen to me when I’m completely silent. Listen to me when the weight of the world has made my mouth close tight. I’ll say “I’m fine” but I’m not. Listen to me- I mean really listen.
Breathe sound, breathe calm Take long breathes, give long hugs Dance in the rain, let it take the pain away Breathe soft, breathe proud Speak out loud Cry, sleep, dream and repeat
Love thy name Why not love it? It is special Love thy name Was is it not sent from above? It matches the beautiful person Love thy name Could you be with you without it?
Why? Why do I write?        Ha.  Ha. Ha   . Someone's gotta know what I'm thinkin' every night. Someone's gotta listen. Someone's gotta hear Someone has to know that I do hold fear.
My friend told me silence was the loudest cry, but if I write it down, does that count?  If I scribble it out in jumbled phrases–carve words into my paper and not my skin, this time, does that count? 
I know God listens, but what of them? They hear my rhymeless poetry prayer Gratitude, Hope, Joy, Peace- Laid as a naked newborn I know God listens, but what of them? They hear without thought or compassion
Lips I can kiss A heart that is mine A friendship evolved A love so divine Hands I can hold A rush I can feel A connection so bold A bond so unreal Someone I can talk to
The sky is the limit they say, yet I havent seen it in days. Loose paper and pen, sorrounded by men. Trying to make it through these years, with fears. Never thought I would end up here, I learned to hear
Escaping from it's place some time ago,  no direction - searching for an unknown soul.  In need of comfort, another person who's unclear.  Looking and looking, and the time comes near. 
Pain in my poor heart In pain like never before  I just need a hand
(poems go here)you are like a flower but it won't stay forever so never be proud.  
Listen. Miscommunication sucks. The people involved in this travesty feel unheard and underappreciated.
I Invent the non-existent Realize the reality of the unreal Imagine the unimaginable Read an unwritten story I create   Accept the possibility of the impossible Expect the unexpected
Home was sweet once but now mommy and daddy fight. Daddy hurts me! Quiet he’s coming; it’s time for daddy’s special time alone.Mommy hates me, she blame me for everything.
  And when work is done,This poem has left me...My soul refreshed,AnewI feel cleansed.
I write because I have a story to tell. A story of hurt, pain, and depression. I write to relieve pain. To try to foget the past. I write to spill the secrets of the past. I write to tell others that it will be okay.
Pride; It’s often seen as someone who loves attention. People see it as someone who evokes nonsense. Power; The first thought that comes to mind is control; Those with power are accused of always controlling.
When someone truly Listens to you They will react both inside and out. A response infused with emotion Showing you that they have been moved by your words.   When someone truly listens to you
Oh happiness, take me upon your wings fly me above and away take me farther than my dreams on the dawn of breaking day
Poems stalk through the crowd to where they can be soft to the ear, But somehow the words are very clear  And cleverly placed to where each syllable has a purpose. It resonates deep within.
  It's just another feeling, What I see, through these Brown eyes of mine. The feelings never shown, As the feeling stay inside.  
What can I say? Life... It strikes me to my very core.  The warmth grows inside, Empowers me to feel even more.  Oh the energy built up within! Let loose your madness and create!
I walk I walk down the hall to classI hear laughter, chuckles, and gigglesI start to hear voices Voices telling me;
Sitting in an empty roomContemplating on what to do.Eyes filled of tearsA smile to hide her fears.Not even her closest friend knowsOf the secret she withholds.Blood running down the drain
  What is WHO? And... WHO is I? Am I yesterday crashing through the night Into TOday? Like an Alice in a world Unknown Does the looking glass look back? What
You would think that love would be easy to find I mean Isn't it stronger than anything? I wish i could find someone i could love with the heart that ive already given away Not only that...
Morning light blazing into mine eyesA ray of hope to my sleepless nightsMy soul cascaded across the skiesNaked before His light all too brightYou and I had broke all tiesBut just to let you know, I am alright
There seemed to be no way out. I couldn’t scream and I wouldn’t shout. I let it go in a dangerous way. Too much has happened for me to say
Young precious girl, What are you doing? She said: "I'm giving up. Too stressed up, to get lucked up. I'm sick of the society putting me down and my "man" wearing the crown..."   Young precious girl, Where are you going?
Life really is what you make it. You can either be sad about a sad situation, or you can think about the positive.
Will I swell, like the carnivorous actions of a tick?Does that make me the enemy of man?Do I hunt man?Hurt him, beat him, leave him in the destruction that is my wake?“Man”, that word it resonates with fear
Moonshine floods the curtain lace and bathes the room in colors of soft serenity.
I'm running, but going nowhere. I need help. Help me try to get through all these nightmares that keep racing through my mind. How long will it last? Someone, anyone, help me.  
As the world changes. I feel the devil is dominating. We are locked in cages. Afraid to walk out and be noticed by a stranger. People getting bombed and this news is not the latest.
If I throw it, you would catch it. If I had a problem, you would solve it. Asked for comfort, you would give it.   My friend, you are dear to me. The world---much worse than the economy--- is violent.
At the sound of the tone please release emotions.........(beep) IM A CRYBABY *Ring Ring* "Wassup bae" "nothing".......................(30 minutes of silence) IM A BRAT
Sometimes things happen that we are not able to control.  What one must remember then is to do what we know. Life has a way of telling us that what we're doing  just fine.
The pen is mightier than the sword As the cut is weaker than the word And while your body is greatly scarred In your heart you are even more scared   So I write for you And give you words to heal
To love is to feel pain. To love means giving your whole heart to someone else. It's a tricky thing, unexplainable and sometimes unreasonable. It makes you vulnerable and leaves you wanting more of it.
Ahhh ! I cant sleep. my eyes pry open, my mouth screams leave me be, ive been done wrong, done wrong and it's hard to be me. every thought is ruined by one person, that one person that told me i could never be successful in life.
I don’t know where I’m going, but how I get there’s up to me I give myself extra time for things I need to complete I still search for my four-leaf clover in a field of threes
No title for the missery I been facing. Consistent in my tears only God know what Im thinking. So im praying like listen can you hear me. I cherish what I love most dearly like my girl and who I envy.
(poems go here)Blinded by the light, wondering what brings the speeding thoughts rushing through my mind. Sorting through the piles of emotions, memories, and present feelings to find an understanding of who I am.
Long gone are the days when my delicate hand fit into your protecting one, and you                 were my super hero Long gone are the days when a magical kiss from you on my boo-boo made the pain                 go away
A family member gone. Not even able to understand why you were so cold.  Trapped in my sorrow, these words were the only way to go. You left me without warning, how could you go?
Poetry came in my darkest days In a rehab far far away My thoughts were a constant battle til  we met Poetry at first gave me my sanity Now I write to help To get my story out To reach out to others 
Maybe we are all here placed on this earth to fear and love and grow, to experience pain but also love, joy, happiness  to grow close to one another to build relationships to never hate
  Some people say We are not up to par Then I ask them Have you made it this far?   Are you a family Tall and strong? Do you stand In the far and long?  
Little boy who claims to know love Manipulates visions of rose petals and doves Your words fill my mind with images to relate False happiness comes with the lies you create Oh you confused little boy
Stuck in an abyss, knowing I can’t resistFacing things without big risksEven if I’m bleeding from my wristsI’ll still look for happiness, even if it didn’t exist
in a for(eign); language written. "is the code" computer nerds are poets
She was the lightning that danced across his night skies. He was her rock when her waves broke on the shores. She was the rock he broke himself against. She was the mystery he couldn't quite solve. 
You left me You were once Mine Once Your hold, your lips, all mine Once I remember the sleepless nights we spent together creating passion, solving problems
  Life is like a burnt waffle rough around the edges, but still delightfully delicious. 
My story may not be long but it's a good read.  Carelessly flipping through the pages? You might miss something. The young girl who was filled with joy who's trust in people went void.
Day in… Day out… Life begins… Life ends   “Tic Tok” “Tic Tok” “Tic Tok” Oh that annoying grandfather clock We sat there… Just the two of us Sitting here without a fuss
DeadStrickenFrozen StillCaught in the hustle of lifeSwept along like a dust bunnyNot knowing who's to trust 
(poems go here) In Too Deep     I'm air I can't breathe...I can't think All around me is water--a torrential storm I should be afraid, I should be scared But I am not....
I can’t help but think way back, when things were laid back And people weren’t looking for payback I can honestly say that I miss that Back when you can wear what you want, with out having to worry
Spectators As the saying goes, in the city of the blind The one eyed man is king Well in the town of the mute, glorious is he who sings And when the majority is deaf, he who listens is left,
Watch the sky, wait for me there. Sit among the independent clouds where the sun is free to reach the heavens. Look for me here.
(poems go here)
(poems go here)Let this be a token, I leave the mic smoking  One with the track yeah the word is spoken The city leaves you broken eyes get swollen  You just want to cry till your whole body soaking
Ears of paper.  Writing is my voice.  Every time I put ink to the paper, its by choice.  Every mark is a tear.  Every erase is a fear.  Every word is what the paper hear. Rather its sad, bad, or someone you wish you had.
You want the truth? I will confess until every sleeve is stained Every bandage crimson. And you shall never hear my silent screams My actions that speak louder than anything I could ever tell you
Starting a phrase with an I makes you selfish all the time, so think before you rhyme and take time on every line If you really wanna hit the spot, hit 'em where it hurts
Come and lay with me under the moon lit sky, Watch the clouds pass by, light and dark and something in between, in the shapes of splashing water, the thunder and the roar,
sometimes you dont know how you will feel, sometimes you dont know how you will react, sometimes you are so bottled up you dont know what to do, sometimes you do things you didnt realize you did,
she sees herself as a nobody, and to others shes a nobody by the time shes a somebody she'll again be a nobody.
I've lived I've learned I've loved I've learned I've lost I've learned I've lied I've learned I've listened I've learned I've laughed I've learned I've lived
You know you’re a horrible person. Your walls won’t let you forget. Closing in, I’m sorry dear. These are the things you don’t want to hear. But walls have voices and ears to listen.
It’s not until you say something truly meaningful That people start to hear your words
(poems go here) Dear God, I've had a long day and I've been trying to pray, but the words on my mind, keep spilling out in rhyme. I know everything happens for a reason,
~please tell me why love turns to hate and you lose half your friends before the gates and we fall apart after we graduate and how we can’t check on eachother just to make sure things are straight
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