No One Will Listen


I possess the ability to pick up a pen and pad,

Then progress to prophisize any feelings I've had,

In the form of a melody, exciting or sad

However, no one will listen.

Isn't that bad?


I possess the ability to plug up a midi keyboard and microphone,

Spend a conquest on my computer to complete something mind blown,

In the form of a song that no man has ever known.

However, no one will listen.

Am I alone?


I possess the ability to display my talent on media, so digital.

Spend a lifetime waiting on at least one view or "like", so typical.

Promoting my music on Youtube, Soundcloud, or Instagram, searching for that miracle.

However, no one will listen.

Should I feel invisible?


I possess the ability to dream of a future so amusing.

Picturing myself in a studio, singing, songwriting, or behind a soundboard producing.

Painting the perfect picture with the brush of Hope, Love, and God in my brain, perusing.

My dream begins with the present, however, no one will listen.

Why is life so bruising?


Although, Music continues to burn inside of my soul

Without it, It's like my mind contains bullet wounds

But a single sound, song, or symphony can fill the holes.

As my life unravels patiently like a long lost scroll,

I see my life becoming complete as my music career becomes whole

I'll give others careness and the courage to never give up, and console

Reminiscing on the times I said, "No One Will Listen".

Never forgetting that we have not only a voice, but complete control!







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