They ask me why I write the words that I do, 

What are my intentions?

To be heard

In the seemingly inescapable noise of societies chaos and noise pollution,

I find my peace in the words by which  I inscribe on these lines 


It's ironic, I suppose. 

The same words can be arranged and rearranged to have an infinite number of meanings

From blasphemous phrases 

To court room testimonies

To a chapel-based "I do"

To cafe small talk

The possibilities are as endless as universe itself.

We all speak for different reasons,

But do we speak

                               -to be heard?


The roots of my words lies far beyond the surface

Deep in the realms of the ignorance shielding society.

My goal is not simply to speak, 

but to be heard,

and to demolish the armor defending the injustices which WE have allowed to triumph;


My voice may be lonesome, but my words are everstrong.






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