All Gone


Will I swell, like the carnivorous actions of a tick?
Does that make me the enemy of man?
Do I hunt man?
Hurt him, beat him, leave him in the destruction that is my wake?
“Man”, that word it resonates with fear
Fear like the beating drum
Should I worry?
That my heart beats no more
Should I dream
Dream my feet will ever leave the sand?
Ha, laughter for sake, it is the shit I take
But why am I not allowed to worry?
Money signs mean nothing once the boots hit the ground
Nothing like shaking hands, my deafened ears
Goggles blinded, best friend died without fear

However, I got what I deserve.

How is it that I look into the mirror, all I see...
All I can feel, is that evanescent bead of sweat,
Strikes my chapped lips and burns.
That pain was nothing, nothing to what I deserve.
I deserve to die, or have I already?
Oh yes,
I died the day I signed.

However, I got what I deserve.


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