Hello, Do you hear me?


Hello,Do you hear me?

I write for the world ,I write for myself and I sometimes I even write for my own mental health.

The world is such a closed off place,no room for improvement and certainly no room for mistakes.

I put heart on paper,because I want to be heard by the people who surround me at home and maybe someday even the world.

I’ve wrote since I was just nine years old whenever my world started spinning out of control.

The year I was raped ,writing became my life,because it kept me from taking my own.

I couldn’t talk to my mom,I couldn’t talk to my dad ,because they were so closed off and I never had a chance.

I stuck to my pen and my paper because society started to judge me just as young teen.

I write today to keep away the pain,I want to someday become a well known poet around the world.

I would love to write about todays world and maybe even help young LGBT teens.

I know their struggle,because that’s me.

Writing is my life and my dream,but it’s such a far reach.

I learned about the world through poems and books,I learned how not to take my own life by writing out my own hatred of life.

Hello .Do you hear me??

I will write you my life.



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