Please Just Listen



School is a place of study

This is the biggest lie

As soon as you enter the doors

You cannot help but cry

Constant revenge for nothing you may have done

For nothing I may do, is ever good enough


All I do is worry, leaving pages bare

Grades are becoming nothing, but a crazy scare

While teachers asking why

All eyes upon me, waiting for a response

Feeling all alone, I do a little shrug  

Looking as though I simply do not care

But really, I am scared


Trying to fit in

Without a single fight

Avoiding confrontation with all my might

Never ending battles, seem to never fail

For why must I struggle when all I have is railed  


I wish for a day where I can be free

Walking down that isle with a paper of sweet victory

Before this dream comes true, I need someone like you

To listen to my words, and understand where I am at

Lending out a helping hand, picking me up again

Caring about my dreams, and wishing they come true

You listen to me, and I will cherish you

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