You have to finish your homework before you can watch T.V.

Your friends are texting you, it’s probably like super important.

How do you have friends? You’re such a loser.

Im not a loser

What are you good for, you don’t even know how to do anything do you?

Well at least you got an A on that test

Yeah I guess that’s good

Why haven’t you been practicing your instrument?

I just haven’t had time

You’re probably going to fail pretty much all of your classes.

Not all of them

You look pretty today.

Pssh yeah right

What were you thinking when you got dressed today?

This is my favorite outfit to wear

R U actually gonna tlk 2 Sean 2day or awkwardly avoid convo again?

Ill try and say something tomorrow

You should probably eat a salad instead of a burger.

But… the burger looks so good

Try talking to somebody you don’t know today, you can do it.

I’ll be awkward

Why does your stomach jiggle when you walk?

Idk it just does


Because the voices are the only ones I hear


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