Blank thoughts empty spaces


Day in… Day out…

Life begins… Life ends


“Tic Tok” “Tic Tok” “Tic Tok”

Oh that annoying grandfather clock

We sat there… Just the two of us

Sitting here without a fuss

 “Tic Tok” “Tic Tok” “Tic Tok”

What a beloved grandfather clock

Years passed and seasons changed

Still we waited in that room with this clock

Enchanted by its splendors and old time fashion

Ah, to be in a room with a grandfather clock

“Ding Dong Ding Dong”

What’s this? It’s 6’o clock already?

Who knew… I must have dosed off

I rubbed my lazy eyes to get a better of things…

There was no grandfather clock

No old time fashion or splendors…

Just me-


In the white room…

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