"Rest her beauty in sleep"




When she lys in bed asleep

I hope that she will dream 

I pray to god she rests in peace 

 in my hopes that she will dream 


I hoped That she may dream of me Not soulfully me myself and I 

How selfish can one man be 

To wish upon this beauty asleep

The beautiful thing about dreams 

They are deeper than the heart of your mindful  being 


Deeper than soul of the outer mold at which one thinks he/she truly knows 

Herself rests deep inside herself 

A smile for help 

A touch for sorrow, how I longed to see the day 

That I shall awake in her mind and stay the next day to follow


Tomorrow, what shall it's finest day bring 

You may never from a woman who flows with the wind created by her breath 

For I only truly know the truth and it lys where she had no 

True control, when the beast of such a beauty is quiet and asleep 

A desire aside a want that bleeds 



And her subconscious shall speak 

Only if only she may 

Dream of me 

Sleep in peace 




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