An Ode to Standardized Testing

This class is really dumb.

Time doesn’t seem to ever pass.

But I’m starting to feel numb,

to the idiocy of our class.

Our teacher’s lessons seem muddled,

The administration doesn’t understand,

why when we take the tests we’re baffled,

and why we care less about the stakes at hand.

But the tests are empty,

we’ve been taught nothing,

School standards are low.

Test standards are high.

We won’t put on a show,

for the things that will just pass us by.

So this is a poem,

for the kids who are scared,

for the kids who are afraid to be open.

We will speak the undeclared,

and scream what we already know

to the adults who think we’re brainless,

to the adults who think we’re slow.

They never would guess this,

but they are the senseless.

So listen to the kids,

the kids who know best.

It’s time to take our bid,

and put these other ideas to rest.






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