Survivor Anne

I am Survivor Anne

Who has been cast away,

who could never meet demands by those

more cruel by the words they say.

And though they spit and punched and screamed

and tried to tear her dow

to herself, she finally deemed

she would never be known to frown.


I am Survivor Anne

whose been let down by so many

her heavenly father has a plan

to speak to all and any


I am Survivor Anne

who has endured the pain of loss

against evil forces she takes a stand

no matter what the cost.


I am Survivor Anne

who has cried herself to sleep

from abuse caused by man

for years she silently weeped

but when it all stopped

and she found her mother's embrace

she had no idea that she'd been dropped

at the beginning of a life-sucking race

because the people who promised to defend

and claimed that they would do her right

were only there to play pretend

and didn't put up a fight.


I am Survivor Anne

who knows how to fight

who no longer pleads for the end

but is ready to live her life

for forgiveness found a way in her heart

even though he never deserved it

the man decided to take part

In God's mercy and loving spirit.

He really turned his life around

and Anne could finally see

to the anger she was no longer bound

Survivor Anne is now Anne Free.





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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