A Best friend


A Best friend

Simple two words yet many meanings.

Sophomore year 2012 we met on December 31st

Right before New Years I knew that it would be you.

You who would be in my life from then up till now and hopefully in the future.

I fell in love with my Best friend, unexpectedly I hadn't realized back then

And now even though it's been two years I look back and see your smiling face

How? It started from leaving long messages on facebook

Anxiously awaiting for your response, smiling like an idiot in love.

You were the GREATEST in math and absolultey anything and everything

We talked endelssly for hours, never got bored always had something to say.

Swimming was the hardest for me, I made it through with your words of encouragement.

I did it I did it! All because of you.

I never got the chance to confess, you found a girlfriend later on.

I hid away my pride and held back my tears congratulating you I told you I was so happy for you

Secretly, I was deeply saddened and pained because it was me who had always loved you.

Me who had always been there to pick you up from your hard times when you at your lowest.

I don't regret meeting you because some of my best moments were with you

My Best friend.

Forever and always I just want you to be happy and being by your side 

Is more than enough because... I love you.


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