My ears captured the bells from afar.

Though my eyes rest,I know exactly where we are.

I can feel the throbbing pain,

before I even stand.

Why must I wear these?

Who exactly am I trying to be,

taller than?


The loose silk I'm wrapped in shuffles to and fro,

I expect nothing less from Chicago.

I must seem a mess of happy hues.

Bright blues, pinks, and yellow,

nothing to match the facts I wish to bellow.


We are to stand and hold our own hands,

for our first monotonous round of, "Amen."

Here's our chance, let us dance again.


Three rows up slightly to the right.

Turn to me.

So that I may begin silently pleading,

for another clandestine meeting.


Your eyes brown like the earth,

skin darker than the night,

that I held you tighter,

than anyone has ever held another,

my surreptituos lover.

The minute our eyes lock,

everything else begins to drown out.


(Thou shalt not make idols..)


No one could ever dream of seeing,

a divine being such as yourself.


(Thou shalt not covet...)


Let alone have the nerve to yearn,


(Thou shalt not commit adultury...)


for the return of my lips to your bosom.


(Remember the Sabbath..)


Last Saturday you layed in my lap,

listening to metal, rock, rap and soul,

in a place neither one of us called home.


(Thou shalt not steal...)


I wish to purloin your heart,

keep it as my own.


(Honour thy mother and father..)


To hell with anything anyone has to say,

I pray,

you are my inamorata forever and a day.





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