Dear Teacher

Dear teacher

I'm not a good student

 I don't give a damn about what you say

I only listen

to get out of here a little sooner


Dear Teacher

Stop choosing favorites

You're an asshole and because of it

for the first time in my life

I've doubted an ability I've always had


Dear Teacher

get off your power trip

making students cry 

because you're too arrogant

is not the way to teach


Dear Teacher

we are not in 5th grade

maybe that's our level of understanding in this class

but that doesn't mean you have to say it that way

because we do understand


Dear Teacher

could you actually teach?

The book helps a lot,

but we need some guidance

and to feel like you actually care


Dear Teacher. 

Be fair. 

Punish everyone equally

Reward everyone equally

and get rid of the stupid honor roll assembly


Dear Teacher

I'm a Lesbian.

I'm not unnatural.

I know you're Christian but

didn't Jesus accept everyone?

Dear Teacher

Help us, don't hinder us.



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