Walk Alone

Somedays I walk alone

Not like I plan to or anything

Just, I want to be alone

Different minds, don't think a like

Same minds, think alike

I won't do drugs or drink

Plus, if I smoke or even get near it

I have a reaction that might cost my life

I don't want to do that

Some people will miss me

Even if I do move to a new state

I will be close, like mayb a couple of hours from MT

Ya, like I said, I walk alone

It's good to clear the mind

From all the differences in the world

I'm an outcast, all of us are

What they don't understand is that

My mind isn't quite there, I don't want any criticism

When I do get it, I'm pissed

Even if you try to apoligize, don't

You hit the core, I have been fighting at it for years

I stepped up to the plate and said it was my fault

There was no need to say someting

A lot of people know my weakness I don't need pity

I want to be equal not this person you can pick on

This is one of the reasons I walk alone

I rather be a true outcast then a group that makes fun of




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