To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Mon, 06/09/2014 - 16:37 -- BLee


To tweet, or not to tweet - that is the question:

Is it wiser to follow the crowd,

sharing my every thought and action

Or stand alone above the fray.

To tweet, to expose - my personal life-

getting caught up in the social mix.

The drama, the fights, the unimportant minutia,

all a waste of precious time.

Time that could be better spent sleeping,

and by sleeping, end the constant chatter,

framed in 140 character blocks.

And in sleep, perhaps I’ll dream,

ay there’s the rub, for as I sleep,

imagine what those dreams may be.

For when I lay down my phone,

I must reflect upon what could have been.

Had I tweeted, the tweets would last long after I’ve left,

leaving behind a tale of woe.

Conversations best left unremarked upon,

links to photos, a snapshot of time, best left untaken.

The famous followed, tormenting me with ads,

and private conversations made all too public.

But through sleep, I remain uninformed.

The events of the day pass me by unseen,

as constant conversation rages through the twitterverse.

Dare I join in, or stand aside,

leaving this undiscovered country of words unexplored,

braving the barbs of trollish words and retweets of false wisdom.

This undiscovered country from which no visitor returns,

caught up back and forth of compressed conversation.

Better to remain unconnected, cowardly avoiding it all,
before all my most public errors be remembered.


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