Missing Assignments


All come in, all sit down.

Some sync-in, others clown around.

None of their minds quite truly receive

The insightful investment they need to succeed.


The classroom;

A place that’s become more like a holding pen

Or maybe even a lion’s den

Teeming with beasts of ignorance and distraction

That prohibit educational interaction.



A unique, intellectual, and prolific nation

Whose struggling system of education

Has subjected great minds to deprivation,

Leaving them hunting for knowledge with desperation.


The teacher;

One who is given the authority

To teach fundamental subjects with clarity

Though recently our schools have been lacking

In educators with solid backing.

Not to say that our nation is filled with students

Void of intellect and blind to the need to make instruction prudent,

But in need of teachers who are willing to provide

The spark that will launch our school systems back in stride.


Since when did the light of our aspirations grow dim?

Why does the future of so many youth look grim?

I’ve always seen the classroom as a place of illumination,

But poor teaching has made education a gloomy case, man.


There are many kids out there who truly desire to learn,

Because they understand that work is required to earn

Yourself way more than just a stack of funds,

Like a body-builder pushes himself to build his guns,

Or a businessman saves for the long run.


Education is an essential element

One can stretch for a lifetime’s worth of development.

Not suitable for the temporary things,

But solely for the championship rings.


The minds of today’s youth can build empires,

But not when their blown from their imaginative spires

By the care-free sighs of teachers whose poor instruction

Sentences unsupported brilliance to premature destruction.

Many of America’s schools are locked in routines that repetitiously

Break down quality education surreptitiously.

Too many students simply go to show,

And very few actually care to know

The information that will help them to grow

 And propel them to new heights like arrows from a bow.


Such schools are sometimes filled with staff who fail to teach

Young men and women easily within their reach.

Some would much rather engage in immature disputes,

While others would “pass” students and give them the boot,

Allowing harmful ideologies to take root

 In the malleable minds of illusioned youth.


In a society in which enough things are taken for granted,

We have to ask: “What have we planted?”

Is the buried object even a seed,

Or, rather, a deadly weed

That chokes the life out of would-be leaders and scholars

Who set standards for others by growing ever taller?


Countless families have sacrificed so much

To grant their sons and daughters the reach to touch

The hands of opportunity that will guide them

To places far from the realm where chances are slim.

I advise today’s teachers to consider

How your students perceive you as a figure

Who not only educates, but sets an example

For a generation of young individuals who sample

From the many different influences in life,

Which greatly impact how they handle strife.


I also encourage you to reconsider

Your desire to find success as a teacher.

There truly is no need to litter

The fertile ground that is the mind of a dreamer.


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