Syllable Grand Slam


Like a Spartan, bombarded, I go chargin' through gardens
No cigars, no guitars, just a smart pen, from bargains
eg your pardon, I'm guarded , yeah I'm so sharp and hardened
Dark hearts partly margined, form darts starched in carbon
Dioxide, in the spotlight, with hot mics, I'm poundin'
Got a shock bite, with thoughts ripe, on the dot, hype surrounded
Plot mob strikes, on job sites, like dogfights, I'm hounded
Wanna drop light, the suave type, hip hop life, I found it
So simple, so smooth, I am so-phisticated
I'm a symbol, which moves, with flows swiftly created
Shown signals,  switched moods, where I go, they be hatin'
Cloned missiles, tricked news, often spit when I'm faded
Outdated, no grades, it, could be situated 
No playing, my face, still can make a big statement
My spirit's been strengthened, my mind is awakened
Didn't think I would break, but the point hit the pavement



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