I Am Not A Poet

I am not a poet, but I write to be heard. I write.

I write with knowledge. I write with power. I write with conviction.

I write to be free. I write to lose myself and time and the world.

I write for anyone who will hear me.

I write because it makes me whole so I don’t feel the need to crawl into a hole.

I write because I know its right to be confident not cocky.

I write for individuals who are not just like me,

Because everyone has a different purpose and reason

Even those that decide to go out and commit treason.

I write for the chance to be the good change in others lives,

To make youngin’s realize all the reasons to be alive.

I write for the children who have to suffer from disease,

For the women who only fall down to their knees,

To pray to God to stop the devil from deceiving.

They call His name when it concerns relationships

But they can’t drop down and thank God for what He’s blessed them with.

And they say that He works in mysterious ways

But those ways won’t always be in your favor.

So when the next girl points at you and says “yo I hate her”

Don’t get mad and start to frown cause what goes around comes back around

And when you fall and hit the ground I’ll know I was right.

I was right for writing for those without a voice,

For those who are indecisive and can’t make a choice.

For little girls who sit and wonder daily what to wear

Not knowing who their daddies are, they could be anywhere.

So they continuously search for what accouterments to add,

But walk around with the world on their shoulders being mad.

I write for those young women who feel perfidiousness

And they let that get in the way of their college success.

I write for those who get weak and then they truly can’t speak

I write for the bull crap that happens like every single week.

I write for the men who just think they’ll get through

First a rapper then a billionaire all their dreams will come true.

I write because there are too many women without high self-esteem

Wondering why they can’t accomplish their dreams

Don’t let others stand in your way.

Be you, stand out every single day because you see,

Those same young women have brothers selling drugs

Because the only thing they aspire is to be straight thugs.

I write for the boys that buy weed every day just to get by,

But then they’re never prepared to say to their mothers bye.

I write for those men because they use double standards

Treating their women one way and their mothers get pampered.

I write for the men that treat their women like queens

And will do anything for them go to all extremes.

I write for the people who express through the arts

Through music and dance and just being smart.

You see men and women theirs nothing wrong with intelligence

It just adds to your elegance and relevance.

I write for those who persevere and decide to take steps

For those who stop the hatred put out a cigarette.

I write for those people who with love are torn

I write for those whose deaths we must mourn.

I write for the racial issues that are still arising

Among our own people, it’s very surprising.

They say light skin this and they say light skin that-

I write for every light skin girl with a dark best friend that got her back.

But see I write to spread the knowledge for all to see

That in the light of darkness you look just like me.

I write for the moon and the stars above.

I write for all those people who never had love.

I write for individuals who’ve found the beauty in themselves

For those who take the next step put those feelings on the shelves.

For the men who don’t fall victim to the streets

Who decide to get an education cause the system they will beat.

I mean I know its right to write for those who let go

Because once you do that and let God, everything else flows.

You see Jamaal St. James he inspired me,

To open up my mind see the world differently.

It takes a nation of millions to hold us back said Chuck Dee

But I’d rather make a difference travel the world clean debris.

But you live and you learn you grow and you see

I’m glad I could share my experiences with thee.

You see I am not a poet, but I write to be heard

For anyone that will hear me, from humans to birds.



I don't write much. However, when I do, it is my release, from every other stressor in the world. So any feedback I would love. Thank you

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