People always tell you to

People always tell you to talk to people
When you're feeling sad,
Anything of the sort.
They'll say tell an adult
If you or someone else feels depressed,
Like self harming.

But no one wants to talk about it,
And no one would know what to say.

The fact that I know 7 people diagnosed with depression,
3 recovering from eating disorders,
At least 10 with diagnosed anxiety,
2 with bipolar,
And many others concerns me,
Especially when not everyone gets diagnosed.
Yes, they're all going through their own versions of hell,
But who can they talk to?

No one can see how deep you're truly falling unless you tell them.
But when you do,
They make false promises.
They leave.
They judge.
They label.
They push you down further
And wreck who you are.

A single person can ruin you, introduce you to a whole new level of pain.
No one can replace them, but they seem to be able to replace you.
A person who was once so close is now a familiar stranger.
Their promises mean nothing, yet everything.
But that's how it is when you're depressed;
Nothing, yet every little thing, is wrong.

So the next time someone talks to you,
Just listen.
They trust you,
They want you—
Need you—
And you could help them change their lives for the better,
Lift the weight off their shoulders.

Be kinds, but not fake;
Understand, but don't assume.
Just care,
And maybe you'll save someone.


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