Would You Hear Me if I Screamed?!


 Spacing out.

That look in my eyes

that you despise 

but I am too far gone,

To notice.

When you ask the question

If you’d ask the question

Not, “Wake up, Miss!”

Or “Come down to earth…”

 But “Are you all right?

Don’t I at least deserve,

some Acknowledgement?

I am going insane…

So slow, time drips by

and there is pain in my mind.

My brain is on fire!

But all you want to do is learn….

Well, learn something about me.

I am not day dreaming

My reality is a nightmare

All the things I think would surely scare


But I don’t want to scare you

So I stay Quiet.

Watch you pass back our grades

Another test I had to take

When I was too out of it to think


And I don’t even feel disappointment anymore

The only questions on my mind…

Would you hear me if I screamed?

Would you even care? 


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You need not suffer...Scream aloud! Whoever does not want to hear...shall cover their ears

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