Do you ever feel alone?

Like the world is on your back,

but you have no one to bear it with you.

And you struggle and struggle,

but you can't fight it on your own.

Then someone comes

and helps you lift that weight,

but they're gone just as fast,

and now you're on your knees

begging for anyone,


to hear your cry.


You just want someone to recognize you,

recognize your existence.

To know




You want someone to love you back.


Instead of being so alone.


Maybe someone will see you?

Maybe they'll stop and go, hey,

what's up?

Maybe they will look you in the eyes

instead of at the rest of the mask you put up.


Maybe someone will care.

Care enough to say hello

and find out if you are okay.

Someone will say hi.

Someone will ask

what's up?


But before then,

all you have to do is 

bear being alone.


All alone.


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