Risk this is more than a word
this is the sweat that trickles down your skin and play with your nerves
this word leave people speechless
scared to move on a foot on the week and
dream asking when are you going to seek it
asking can you really your bed on the weekend
why are you froze
why are your feeling slippery like icy roads
is it so hard to be bold
or does this word leave a stain on ur dream like black mold
ask and be told
rejection is a no that tries to stop you like a traffic cone
So who says so
you your friends or your kinfolks
why can't you reach the goals are your hops not there
are you willing to push through like a wheelchair
if you fail would still care or still share your dreams and goals
like wedding pairs
So get up get out like a full night sleep
today is ready to be worn out like old white sheets
and time to be diffrent like pearly whites with a gold teeth
Who knows whats best for me outside of me
you know what you want so go get it
you are to talented and gifted to quit
because the chi was shifted
Why are you alive why are breathing
Whats your decesion whats your reason
find out dig deep within then you will understand
what the definition of the word risk meant

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