Stranger in My Mirror


The person in my mirror,

I have not seen before.

She looks like me,

Her smile mirrors mine,

Her hair mirrors mine,

Her very few freckles in all the right spots.

Then, I look into her eyes,

The girl who mirrors me.

I do not know who she is.

In the eyes that look straight back at me,

I see pain, sadness, the feeling of uselessness.


In the real world,

Her eyes shine.

Her smile never falters

But all it is

Is a mask to keep from breaking.


Who changed you, dear mirror?

Could it have been the monster,

That was banished from your life?

Does he still haunt your soul?

Could it have been the demons that used to haunt you,

The ones who liked to play with your emotions?

Were they the ones who clouded your used-to-be wonder filled eyes?

Did they make you feel all these feelings,

Ones that you can’t shake off?


This stranger in my mirror,

She cries out for help in silence.

She wanted to be saved all this time;

And the only one who can do that,

Is the one staring back at her.


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