The Antithetic Leaf

The Antithetic Leaf


Come on...blow me away; Get me off of this tree;

Once it's done, I'll finally be gone, free.


No more criticizing; about my color or stem;

When I leave, I'll become my own gem.


From home to school, I'm infamous;

Most of the things I do or say would seem ridiculous.


During the ten perdurable months outside;

My expectations would plainly subside.


I'm known as the "yellow one" when I just want to be known as one of the green;

No more seeming like I'd start a scene.


My past pigments show that I wasn't blameless;

And, of course, my skin isn't stainless.


Every time I make a simple flaw, I'd soon become accused;

And when I ask for requests, they'll soon refuse.


My imperfection is somewhat a joke;

We’re all just lucky it didn't cause any stroke.


I'm tired of being compared to another girl;

Yeah right, like she's the best thing in the world.


At this point, I'm done;

This is why I'm no longer like the sun.


I refuse to wait another eighteen years;

To get the top and conquer my fears.


Once the bond is broken I'll be free;

Free from this half-dead tree.


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