All one and all alone

Not a day goes by,

where i don’t close my eyes

and pretend

that i am not,

wasting time.

Sometimes, i close my eyes

and, i rewind time

replaying all, what was

pissing on the present.

Scared that I

will go unrecognized

invisible to any one, on this planet.

Is anything worth it?

Is anything working?

I look up to you,

you don’t even know I exist.

Is it unoriginal,

to idolize false idols and god?

Is it unnecessary to care,

if I make an impact at all?

Is it okay to be unaware,

aren’t we all?

In a weird sense,

I’ve got something to prove

to myself,

not, just you

I am greasy, I am learning

a pot spewing over, metal surface

Could you recognize, this face,

if it was yours?

we are one

all one


We are one

all one


all alone

If I mistake this gun,

for a thought,

and pull the trigger.

Everything under the sun,

is brighter

and it glimmers

little ants on their way,

thinking we’d

make something that stays

but nothings real,

nothing lasts,

every moment becomes, part of the past.


When it comes, down to it all,

nothing, is at all…

Reality, is not real

and everything, you think you feel.

All alone

all one


All alone

all one


All alone

all one



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