Know It All Knows Nothing


The sun grows dim
When slim
Walks in
Crickets sing no more
Can he take the weight 
Unlock the gate
Move the freight
Win the debate
or will he be blown down
In a storm of hate
Closed ears afraid to hear
Closed eyes afraid to see
Closed hearts afraid to touch
Can anyone stop the rush
Quick words of judgmental accusations
Drown out the song
A wolf is silenced and a bird does not sing
A bell has no ring
Can you hear the words we sing
or do you just hear the music of the string
The moon grows dim
When slim
Walks out

Who will pick up the trash
or change that kids diaper 
I have to wonder
can they even feed them selves
Its all been done for them
under the sun
When the darkness comes
Where will they run
I'm sure they'll just blame someone

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 3/2/18


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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