sweetly, silently motivating and captivating me with your every word

I hang on your breath, thoughts come and go as I see the love and contentment shining from your soul

eyes so hauntingly beautiful, lost in the songs of traveling hearts

take me off to a place where i am at peace

take me off to a place where i am at ease

take me off to a place where i am calm

i will rest, i will listen, i will learn, i will love you, i will cling to every word you say

swirling emotions stirring them within me, i feel a strange connection to you, i believe we are kindred spirits

i believe we could be lovers, i believe we could create something truly magnificent, wholly and completely i am in awe

take me down into you soul

i want to feel the things you saw, the things you feel, the dreams you dream, your creations, your inspirations

driving me, they drive me, im driven towards you

you hold me captive and i feel

so many things unspeakable, things words cannot describe but the feelings remain and it is because of you that i am crying and smiling

i am inspired and i am moved.


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