A Way to Listen


Poems stalk through the crowd to where they can be soft to the ear,

But somehow the words are very clear

 And cleverly placed to where each syllable has a purpose.

It resonates deep within.

It manifests and becomes a powerful ambush of emotions,

As it morphs into something real, and takes a person on a journey.

A journey that not only opens their eyes, but also

Their heart, mind, and ears.

A poem calls for people to listen.

They announce, “Hey I have something to say”.

Come with me on this path

Look from my perspective as I pour from this page into your head

And with every word of me that is spoken, an emotion plucked and awakened,

As a picture is painted.


I want you to see what I see,

Feel what I feel.

For one moment, I want you to pay attention and listen

In a rhythm we can both understand

In a beat we can both agree on

Because it is the only way one will listen

To something that is handwritten.


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