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A smile is illicit in this city Where policemen hang their hats On the beaten bodies of little boys And bribes And just not giving a shit about whoever Whatever It's not their problem
It's a long shot Some David and Goliath shit If Goliath were a whole damn city And everyone bet on David losing And David showed up to the fight refusing     But I'll do it
They've given up on me And I on them Ordering my days by How to best pretend We stand a chance Selfishly numbing what I can't takeOf their circumstance  
Pain is a thorn that pierces deep, A wound that won't let go or sleep, A burden that we carry on, A constant ache that lingers long.   It twists and turns within our soul,
Everyone talks about depression as if they know it.     But what they don’t know is that depression is a hooded figure standing just outside of a wooden doorway,  
We are going to dig to bury our dead: Mother, father, sisters and brothers, Uncles, aunts, friends and strangers.
The nonstop negative news or publicities on Haiti Hurt tremendously and disturbingly The relentless or constant bashings of all Haitians
A chaos slumber in peace  Like a dragon in sleep A seizure awaits Everytime she weeps  A sad song or melancholy air 
What good is power ⛮ if it holds back progress? What good is law ⚖ if it oppresses citizens? What good is human of no compassion and sympathy? What good is authority if it says
A tear on my cheek To whom should I speak Days are tiny and the nights too long The words that I say, please sing that song.
couldn't you have waited just a little bit longer? I only wanted a chance to say goodbye
Well, I've been accused of being way too dramatic, but the world I accuse of being much too dogmatic... I will leave it at that, I don't want no static, don't want no arguments,
Behind closed doors she hides herself and what she has become,  the cuts, the bruises,  the angry words said - that should never be undone. But luckily she lives and so forgives "Him" 
My name, Thanatos, resides on all their minds.  Death personified right into its living and breathing form, finds itself in a graveyard as a gravedigger, greatly confined.
Time is passing, still procrastinating.    With much to endeavor, won’t last forever.   Dream so wild, yet aspects mild.    One moment in time, A thoughtless rhyme.  
Waking up to my truths - even the flaws are gorgeous I get obsessive and I get insecure. Sometimes I find myself unbalanced, quickly unraveling at the folds. I may occasionally lose touch, or fall out of love.
Meeting you brought sunshine to my darkest days I now had this marvelous motivation in this game we call life  You never had to speak words that could melt gold
When I was a kid My opinion meant very little to others I was told that silence is better than to be heard This became a problem for me Because society constantly made me out to be the enemy
Do yo bleed from a wound You can’t see And hurt From the blow You don’t remember   You will see
Precious to me is he who's friendship is geater in value than any metal.   He who suffers the pangs of loneliness, self-mutilation of failure, stings of two unrequited loves, labido's growling stomach,
when the sun turns red,my heart for you breaks;for I knowit's turning was in honorof your suffering.
How come this universe exists, When we have verily no unity? How are we even humans, If we don’t embrace humanity? We live this life as a joke, We’re not real in reality. We consider ourselves divine,
RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! There goes the bell for the first period of my high school monotony Yet, with each shattering clang of metal, my heart beats faster
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?
Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be?
like the sun and all the stars she was bright - - as lovely as the flowers as beautiful as the - - more radiant than all as joyful and hopeful as a wishing star always the smartest
it never stops the noise within  no breaks no holidays no timeouts  Consistency  Intensity waves of volume weigh me down particular voices come to mind always pessimestic
How often have we yearned of being, Swept off your feet and cradled? My blood,
Death is a woman, But how could i know it? She doesn't fall in love, But she sure doesn't show it,   Death is my oxygen, After too many amoxicillin, Is there better advice?
Your mind feeds you thoughts that all pile up into your stomachand become the apple seed that sucks away your nourishment and only gets stronger as it grows and grows 
Dear soul, Pain is inevitable, suffering is a figment of your imagination All of that hatred, all of that frustration It’ll control you like a corporation
So I'll play my violin A scale, G scale, D and E Begins caving. Up and down the staff I'll go As the oceans flood and flow As the world is burning, burning I will play what I'd been learning.
  I thought your face was covered in snow I tried to find it, but it’d never show Old soul, from which I learned a lot Never told me how to take care of my heart  
Dear Love,   For someone so nurturing to others You sure are disloyal to me Why is it That you come so Faithfully.
That empty-headed smell lingers in the house chanting his name as it swims through the chilling breeze. His name. His name spits out of mouths and into my ears.
The Weight of My Heart. By: Jordan Myrick
  Some days I am fire, some days I am ice, Some days I am darkness, curled up in vice,  But all days I am human, all days I am me. It is for better or for worse you see.  
You always had a smile full of knowledge and life Different from others at school yet, they treated you like a fool   In the last days of summer the school days were a bummer
I am alive. I eat, I breathe, I sleep.  Constantly checking my phone,     Facebook notifications from an ex that doesn't deserve my time,  but I give it to him anyway,  cause' I am alive. 
WE are the children of America The children of those who traveled land and sea. The children of those who plowed fields and picked trees.
So much is different,Happiness is such an expensive rent, You expect me to be calm,To apply over these wounds a healing balm?
You make me love you,You make me hate you,But can't you see I always get what I want,so stop messing with my head.You can't make me say "I love you too."Even though I do.
how dare you! leave her childless; how dare, this world... this icy world, with sin and shame. allow two boys to take the blame. who sadly lost their mother, to the fists of a drunken father!
She knew that loving him would be disastrous, but she was already a disaster. She knew that by holding onto his hand meant that she could be left all alone, reaching out for a hand that was never meant to touch hers.
Tip toeing the trail of self destruction Teetering on the edge on insanity Submerged my soul in sulfuric acid Sewed my eyes shut from reality It's over when you can't break down
I'm thinking can you acquire everything in this world. The answer is a no, but your hard work has to be overboard. Am glimpsing through the book of life, and I see "Life is Short".
Underneath the surface Tucked just out of sight There is a dark and dirty place A place of endless night The sun has never risen The moon hides as well Just pay the toll Sell your soul
Drawing Drawing myself From the inside out Sheltered by bone, Veiled in Cream colored Flesh, My hand holds my pencil
I am a girl of six Playing with bones and stones and sticks Wondering if words will ever stick Not knowing that in a decade, I’ll be lonely and sick   I am a girl of ten
Dear 17, be gentle with me actually, scratch that bring on all the craziness and intensity i'm ready to spend nights curled up on the floor crying kicking and screaming at the notion that life isn't fair
I see you through the clear, curved, orange plastic over my eyes You taste like metal opium The spoon still stuck between my teeth Gnaw marks in the handle From when I tried to swallow it whole, swallow it dry
You be provoking this angerwhen I simply wanna smile,I know you believe that the whole world is against usand there is no justice, but maybe it’s just usI don’t know what has gotten into me
He holds onto me Even when I loosen my hold on Him He holds onto me Even when I feel I'm letting go   My hand's sweaty with fear Worn with temptations Disjointed with pride
No one sees the pain you hide.they look past you like your alright.their words cut right into your throatyou cant trust your friends anymoreevery word they say knocks you down. you keep seeing death surroundyour screaming out, crying loudbut all y
And There I was with my mother with the stumbled soul and already fallen as hard wood and perforated The suffering made me my father in life so fierce the anger of my being to have hope to continue living
This day in age, it always seems The world is bursting at its seams. Brothers dying, Mothers crying, The most bloodshed that heaven's seen. Rapes and bombings everyday..
This day in particular  Was really quite gray The guy next to me sighed Hey, you okay?   I replied that I was fine I gesured him to go away  Yet, he wiped the tears from my eyes 
I am greed, want.She is need, lack. I am anger and frustration.She is hope, tenacity. She is yellowamidst the grey that I'm become. But I am success, money.And she is poverty, dust.
This sword holds no power, unless you have courage, The nearest pinpoint strike; blood shed for its own purpose Once a battle ends, the scene is left in ruins Wishing that it never had to be a part of—
A little girl She wanders in the night Searching for home Five years old with no place to go She doesn't understand why No one can see her No one can hear her No one hears her cries for help
i guess this is what happens when people get too close they see i am too much i am nothing but suffering i consume the love i try to give gets engulfed back into me with the brutal force of rejection
Her tears fell down her face As she let her crown fall He picked her up slowly Knowing she no longer trusted him He kept repeating sorry But all she felt was the vibration of his lies
A word was never uttered from your mouth But apologies was spoken from mine A group of friends hung around you all the time While I had no one to confort me when I cried You stole my heart
Every day, there’s enormous bloodshed, Terrorists chopping off heads in the Middle East, Thugs throwing acid in girls schools in Africa, Drugs, kidnap, and murder in South America,
Dear True Love, Will my feet touch the ground? Or will I fall into Your arms? Or be in Your heart? Or be perfect in Your eyes as the Son still shines?  
Cursin' like a sailorIt's okay, right, avail herCommanding the ship so stronglyyou thought you finally had it off mebullets keep bouncing off me like a trampoline, except this one isn't so fun, you see?  
Black sand, burning my feet On this island of pestilence I stand Each step, a searing heat But only my heart will it brand.   Around me, I am surrounded by dead foliate
Lost and won all my life,Taught me in each stage of life;Met people too of different types, Some came smiling, Shook hands only to deceit;Took all my sweetness,Then threw as bagasse,When extracted sugary love;Left me alone, To suffer for rest of l
my heart swells with memories of everyone from my past everyone i hated everyone i loved my throat is closing up and i want to go back and i wouldn’t change any little thing
"The wolves inside my head Gnawing at my brain Try to take my essence  And flush it down the drain Remember who I am If it's those wolves I tame If I can't defeat them I might just be too late
I find a comfort in knowing that death is close, It's soul soothing to know that all the pain and hurt felt will be no more when mysoul leaves this entrapped body. 
I look at you with memories flashing through my mind Those days we used to smile and laugh Those days we'd play on the slide My mind shutters through the memories the one's you don't seem to remember
I know it will never be true Because although they say, "I will always love you" Deep down inside All I hear are the lies Telling me everyday, "You will never be good enough
I want to know all of your little habits. I want to know what it’s like To be next to you when you sleep. I want to know how You sing in the shower,
Setting in the dark head full of thoughts the voices are screaming and screaming who are you? Do you even recognize this horrible being you call yourself?
The pain in my head runs so fuckin deep
(From Scripture: Matthew 4:1-10; Matthew 27:50
It happened again. You are inside your bathroom, And you just locked the door.
. pain, tears, and suffering disappointment in yourself and others’ disappointment in you   anger, hurt, and screaming
This is to the kids who run from fear, To the kids who are broken and tired of tears. To the kids who fake a smile everyday, With cuts on their wrists and resfuse to stay. Refuse to stay on this Earth anymore,
I am normal like you yet I feel so much pain. Words that cut deep inside me. They hurt so bad the constant downgrades of my life ,yet I find the will to hold on
It started with a small cross on their backs. They lived, and loved, only wanting the best for each other. As time went on, their crosses grew; and then came the moment where their crosses were united.
Her fingers tremble with the unsaid words that urge to ink the blank page. From the green depths of her eyes lay sadness and tinges of regret. Across her arms are slashes made by herself.
  Pain is an inevitable part of life. Pain is your body, mind or spirit way of telling you it hurts.
Lord, God, Redeemer,
My bones were feeble My breath had weathered My voice can be heard as a bare, cracked whisper And I listen at how fragile we are... For which my lungs, they were thirsty for air
Love is unbearable it would be terrible. Feeling the pain believing he has something to gain.
At times I am menstruating My uterine muscles Pumping at my dry bloody walls  
The vaguely audible drip-drop of tears onto floor The sorrow, miserable countenance she wore The expanding of an internal flame Who is, I wonder, truly to blame?   She slouched, unevenly sitting
Why does suffering exist If God loves us so much? Isn't he all-powerful? Then why can't he make traffic go faster, get rid of my flu, heal my daughter's cancer, bring back my husband?
she sat there wielded with a belt of grenades  my mouth a machine gun shooting what i had to say sure she was pelted over and over by my hate but when she threw her words at me that was all it would take
The man on the corner begging for change with tears in his eyes
Wolves would've done a cleaner job of tearing you apart,  they would have left your bare bones,  so I could identify you in the afterlife, but the demons have wrought havoc on you,  My Love, 
"I'm going to swing from the chandelier"
Happiness Is the one thing in which no one should  Live with out but the flip side is there
Long sleeves in mid summer. Always trying to trick the others. Covering up what The Cat has done, man many people are dumb. Walkin around in a daze. Putting fake smiles on your face,
Thump thumpWho’s there? Nothing but the breeze.Scrape scrapeWhat’s that? Nothing but the trees.Imagination taking overHearing everything but reality.
"You're broken," she stated like he already didn't know. "Damaged goods," the boy agreed lightly. She licked her lips and stared.
  If I could drink my tears, I’d no longer be thirsty. If they would quench the fire, I’d no longer be burning. If they would wash away the worms, I’d no longer be hurting.  
You were a great mom You always did a good job You took care of me and my life And you were always a great friend When times had changed I became the mom I began taking care of you
In a city where I wander,
Nobody seems to care about all the suffering I see All the poverty, abuse, and mistreatment you all should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing your peers to be raped, abused, mistreated and go hungry
God help the child, Silent, scared, unseen, Confused by life`s lessons, Hurt by hands he loves. He does no right. He does no wrong. Can he find even one Who cares Who sees
The Logic Of Todays Youth    Many Young People Today are in great disposition Simply because we refuse to defer from sin  You see its not that we don't know any better 
baby i could care less  you stole my heart and tied it up now i want it back cause ive had enough you stole my heart and hold it lock and key thats okay though cant take me from me baby i could care less
-Dreamers are dreamers, we all dream of something  -Some dreamers are "fake-believers", and those become "unachievers" -To find what drives you, and imbrace it, is actually living the "dream"
Loneliness is like an abyss A world filled with endless darkness A place where light is consumed   The heart trembles because darkness laughs It shivers because the shadows devours the soul
I've seen you and yet I haven't
My life has been hidden by a set of horizontal blinds.
The smoke creeps perfect ‘neath and ‘round each hearse, as liquid darkness consumes the light over all the Earth. Bodies lay everywhere dead lifeless to noise and sound, to
The ocean waves touch my feet   As I walk along the lonely beach   Hands in my pocket, my head held high   Tears streaming down my face  
It’s never nice, especially on a good  day, Where it loves and would, Tell of your secrets as if you were, Playing a game of taboo.      It loves tricks, no treats
Anastasia LeBlanc     Fuck Everything? Fuck this.
I used to be afraid of losing my eyesight. But now I’m afraid of losing my mind. The world is beyond crazy, I find. I turn around and see my life in hindsight, A shaded memory, a darkened twilight.
Children are getting left behind
Shifting eyes, tight throat, hiding my face as I watch the class make fun of a girl for sharing her issues     about PTSD
My little big brother, how I loved you so much, nineteen years, just wasn't enough. From the time we were little and I watched you play, I knew you would grow up, to be special some day.
My heart ached as I put my pen to the paper, dreading what would come next.
Am I alone Surrounded by shadows Locked on all sides By the ghostly gallows I’m suffocating Can’t breathe in this hell Too hot for me I can’t stand the smell Survival of the fittest
I walked through the door, My eyes couldn't comprehend, The shadow of the person I saw. There lies a friend of a friend, A person I barely knew, But my fellow brother in arms.
Many enemies and strangers
This is for the girl
Why would i ever wish to change the world? Many would wish to cure disease and safe their loved ones. Who would blame them? However this world would grow to 
Food, water and shelter That's it.. That's what I would focus on If I had the chance to change the world. I'm serious, all other issues aside   Food, water and shelter would be my key topics
We spend billions of dollars to protect our country, but what's the point if behind the walls is a land that's crumbling?
Each poem read has un written story Each line written is apart of the history of the writer. In order to write one must feel  and in order to feel one must suffer. Suffering is what hurts the most 
The constant rocking.Back and forth. He wanted to follow the call of the whistle:‘up and over’ boys.But his gaze was lost in the blackness.His breath rasped and hushed by whimpers. 
Like a thousand sharp needles, the pain pierces her heart It ceases its rhythmic beating for a moment And then stutters back up into a violent start Breath stolen, excruciating ache in her chest
                                                                                                                                                                                I always wonder if God listens,
Daddy drives around the block, his silver flask in hand. He takes a swig of liquor to help him with the pain. While Mum sits on the patio, puffing on a cig.
I can’t stand The way you stare at me This is how you burn through You think you know who I am fighting for But I am no longer yours I will never be yours   I can’t breathe
Dear my love, whose name is unknown I’ve encrypted my unspoken words onto this heart of stone   Each waking hour, each restless night, every passing moment all a paradigm
I know I'm young like all of you, but I've been through a lot.
All this time  I was waiting for a signA time when it wouldn't hurt so muchA place where I could love myself And not retort to a blade
I am the guy that never showed sufferings. I am the guy who cried, the guy who hide of himself in the shadows of lust. Crying, crying still no one knows what i am capable of. Will I survive?, will I survive ?
I grow weary with every step I take, down the endless broken path. My head grows heavy with every breath, my vision blurring through a swarm of tears.  
The way you make me suffer is so sweet. It makes me feel alive, reminds me that I can still care sometimes.   Wreckage and pain, but none of us are to blame.
"You cant change who you've become" This phrase doesn't apply to you literarlly but figurativley its who you've made your self known to others That DOESN'T mean you cant change yourself for the better...or for the worst
Help me believe that youre the right man for my believe that you can stand to be the mother of my future childrens...
Isn't it hard, so hard, to forget? To leave you behind. To leave behind your smile, your adorable laugh, your charming expressions, the look, the look, THAT look- in your eyes.
The scream filled his  Heart first Then crept up his spine And throat, where it lodged In place. No sound came  From his  Parted lips. No words that Could describe the
In the beginning this land was calm and peacful. Harmoniously it co-existed with the world surrounding it. Neighboring lands though, tainted by evil, began invading our own;
And it's really sad, how this all worked out. I watched the scene alter, watched it all fall down. With a tear or two, maybe three.  I can feel them drowning, or is it me?
I can't believe I was so blind, To see the mistakes I made, To see all the chances I could have taken, To see all the things that went wrong, To see all the things I could have prevented.  
A joker isn’t always funny, A house isn’t always a home, A father isn’t always a dad, A bad person isn’t always an enemy. But twelve have passed, and thousands remain suffering. And by now it is Thursday,
If home is where the heart is,               In a home they teach you things,                                          Then I am out of place,                        You taught me some things,
Miles to, hundreds from Where my hearts pulled Where the sun drowns Where the wind doesn't blow, We sit in silent war.   The cry's cold cut on the brink of hysteria
Yellow is associated with happinessBut I associate it with greedToo much money and not enough loveIs something no one needs
My heart was once so open So innocent and free I shared it with the world For the world enamored me
My faith has been tested My love has been stretched I've learned so much But am blind to the rest My mind has been trained My heart has been weighed I've lost so much But my hope has remained
Happiness lost within a tired reality A reality that rather be fiction Fiction that wishes to be reality The mind unravels to an unwanted place a place that's been deferred  
Stop trying so hard And just relax Take each day slowly And give love back   Life is short And terribly long Painfully bitter Yet a beautiful song  
Lost inside something That doesn’t exist, Huddled in the corner, Hiding my face. Broken to pieces, Glued back together.’ Stolen from my mind, That piece that’s missing
I forgot  Those times I sat on my bed and cried, And sobbed my losses after all I tried And you sat by my side and held me tight You spoke comforting words to make things right.
So you ask me why I write... You want to know why I do what I do? So here, how about I give you a clue,  I am an emotional volcanoe just waiting to erupt, but not in the way you may think, I don't live to dectruct
All this suffering - it makes no sense How one could live through such nonsense. Minute by minute, the pain increases As it rips through her veins like shards and pieces.
  The shade conceals the woods.  The night fly buzzes gently on a midnight breeze.   Through the dark, misanthropic wilderness, it carries Him. 
Sun sets on a pleasant day. A morbid foreshadow, of the event that will follow, on the night courage fades away.   Both sides are terrified, of facing the other, with friends versus brother,
  What is life when all I see is strife? Those eyes that twinkle like nickel. The sun reflects the radiant smile of my beloved, yet after a mile it fades away.
bullets streamingclashing minds,killing his and bruising mine,tearing us apart andbreaking timeheart stopped,glitching minda vessel of thoughts ran dry,no love, no trust
If I wandered into a bar and got drunk, I would leave feeling pleasured and great, Only to find my head spinning the next day. Surely there is more to life.  
NOTE: My poem is in the image. I am traveling somewhere in this poem. If you can't figure it out, the answer will be in small print at the bottom right.  
The flesh surges under my skin Demanding I be someone other Demanding I seek my own pleasure Bow to the whim of father or brother But certainly I've done everything I knew how to do.
Burning bridges Cigarette light Charcoal ashes Acid rain Do you watch as the world burns?Would you dare not care of the void that litters this earth?
I walk past wonderful, wounded people, with nothing of worth but the words of my mouth. Isn't there more than empty words? Isn't there more to life than this?
Tragedies; they happen and there is nothing anyone else can do about them. They are a fact of life; weights on a scale balancing the sweet with the unimaginably bitter and the good
War is declared On all of you, who hurt Others; leaving none spared. You seem to use all effort To leave them despaired And, lacking comfort.
I can feel you closing in Nipping at my heals, only a few steps behind What do you want from me? I never asked for this chase to begin And yet to chase me down, you seem inclined
Who are you looking for? They are not here, Not here among the dead. Who are you searching for? Whoever they claim to be, They are not here among the living. What are you in need of?
No tears relieve the suffering that’s kept hidden from the world. I wish tears would cure the problem, and yet I know they never will. Some days I fall and the rivers flood as I question, when will it go away?
The pregnant skies bore A shower of tears, Hoping the sun would soon Return to brighten her spirits.
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this is for the broken hearted.. i know you feel empty, betrayed, and no happiness at all. you don’t want to laugh because you know it’s not gonna help and you don’t wanna cry because you know it’ll only make you feel worse.
I. For the first time in a long while, I went to my jewelry box, a place Of cameos and my mother’s earrings, And took out my necklace of delicate gold And settled it on my collarbone
Pain throughout my body, Legs, back and feet. Oh god this hurts, what did I do? Nothing works, Not heat nor ice, pills or massage. Sigh, just let this suff'ring end.
I am from surrender From obeying every order A tarnished childhood That ended much too soon
The thoughts are often, the thoughts are deep, the feelings are overwhelming, she can't even sleep; her wrists are full of cuts, but her stomach is empty, when she turns off the lights,
How might one describe the rain? How it patters, how it falls? Emotion is grasped in fleeting droplets Feeling is washed by recycled water Self is contained, self is released
Love is like a rose It starts off fresh, beautiful standing strong, but as the life of it increases the strength decreases the scent begins to sour; peddles begin to wilt. In effort to salvage
Pitter patter, the rhythmic beat, As my shoes and the sidewalk meet. Drip, drip, the continuous beat, As water smashes concrete.
Even though I've run it through my mind over and over again I find it damn near impossible to ignore the way I feel within There's the girl I love it's weird because I can't shake the feeling
Beautiful, submissive, and enduring sufferer! You were the lamb imprisoned within a den of wolves. Abandoned in this world, you understood cruelty’s impermanence. The deepest admiration from my heart’s deepest vaults you summoned.
People suffer in every way, Live tomorrow, Die the next day, Takes the soul of the good and bad, Doesn't care which one it had, Live life to the fullest, Whether you're in your prime,
Some tears say I’m sorry Some beg please look at me. Some tears ask just hold me. Some tears say leave me please. Some tears say help me… when I feel alone.
Accept and suffer unflinchingly, every hardship presented at hand. Aim to avoid empty, vain, and idle talk, it only leads more into ungodliness. Whats presented before you is patience, it's unwavering compassion
Man Lord, can you completely take control of my mind. I'm tired of wiriness, jealousy, and being filled with strife. Your presence is at every turn but I continue to slide.
Faith is my way of life the only reality I'm livin It's not a front for the world, I'm not just simply pretendin So you can spread your lies and your doubts, but you won't be catching me slippin
What gift unto this mind was granted so To make these awful ghosts inside my head? The fountain pen, accustomed to my woe? The paper, still awaiting inkwell's thread? The pen: no door within to human minds,
What if the harmony of saints and sinners / Broke in moments o’er passing of bread? / Temporal and shallow, this generation envisage / Martyrdom, not white but red /
I lost myself a while ago I lost myself because I lost all hope. Still, slowly, I try and stand Though I fall and fall, I will never land Because in the depths of my heart I know I can do this
I felt myself drifting flying soaring All eyes on me, my mask adhered, my smile plastered, on plastic face. What’s this feeling?
The King is just, and justly He decrees, To quell all offense and weigh every deed, His righteous demands not one of us met. Alas, under His rage I dwell in threat, Of utter destruction; Hell opens wide,
~crying out she’s just trying to make it had a boyfriend who beat her..she couldn’t take it bad things happen to good people so she wonders if she should fake it she’s always cautious
Be careful of where you go There could be a bomb just so you know Shootings in schools or in theaters Beware you might be dating an abusive beater People held at gun point Their families they disappoint
Almost every night I lay in my bed and cry as the tears fall I wish I at least knew why I try to come up with reasons in my head I think that maybe I'm just stressed Worried about school and becoming an adult
Finding beauty in negative spaces Can be a trying test of your sanity But walking by, are a million faces Every one with a sense of vanity
Finding beauty in negative spaces Can be a trying test of your sanity But walking by, are a million faces Every one with a sense of vanity
Why so much killing, from north to south, from east to west? Why so much pain that no one should endure? Why so much sadness, we cry ourselves to sleep?
Broken perfection, Hell slips into Heaven Sin crashes, and its fire causes damage Touching every man and all his possessions Burning flesh Searing hearts Breaking wills
The screams of bullets pierce the sky, As sounds of suffering resound across the night. The little boy with the gun wondering "Why?" Stands in the middle of this agonizing sight.
Running from fear, Running from the past. One moment, a lifetime, is spent here; The next, he is gone at last. Running from life. Running from pain. Running from strife.
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