Colors of the Rainbow


United States
40° 33' 16.4952" N, 74° 16' 56.9496" W

The pregnant skies bore
A shower of tears,
Hoping the sun would soon
Return to brighten her spirits.

She wishes the pain would cease
And be released from the depression
That gripped her ever so tightly,
Clouding her mind with sorrow.

Alas, the sun arrives
Peeking his head from behind
The pallid, drained face
Of the skies.

Her mourning is hushed
But broken is trust
That had blatantly been
Washed away with her tears.
The time has come
The pain is done
The battle is won
O’er the hurt of the sun.

The victory opens a
Colorful scene—
A myriad of meshed,
Sparkling shades.

Red, orange, yellow,
Green, blue, indigo,
Violet—a beautiful family
Reflecting its pride.

The colors of the rainbow
Are the end result
Of the struggles and pain
That life will leave.


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