" Art"

Well, I've been accused
of being
way too dramatic,
but the world I accuse
of being
much too dogmatic...
I will leave it at that,
I don't want no static,
don't want no arguments,
I don't want to fight-
I only want
and need to write.
And my writing
has been said
to be
quite crude,
I confess I've lived hard-
I'm no prude.
I've written of the streets, drinking
and other vice
not all my poems
are very " nice."
But I've also
written of nature-
flowers and such,
It's just that art requires
reality's touch.
And a seed of art
is suffering
the scope of all
that life does
Yes, pain is a twin
to art-
it stirs the soul
and inflames
the heart!

This poem is about: 
Our world


Annette M Velasquez

I was sifting through my "poetry archives" and found this, one of my oldest pieces... I'd say written between 19-21 years old. Check out how my style has changed through the years!


Your poetry is very strong and colourful ,,

Annette M Velasquez

Thank you!


This is such a beutiful poem!!!

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