The Son Shining

Dear True Love,

Will my feet touch the ground?

Or will I fall into Your arms?

Or be in Your heart?

Or be perfect in Your eyes as the Son still shines?


I've lost enough to know You're worth losing for

And I'll lose more.

And when I crash and burn, toss or turn in my sleep

You will see and You will wake me

And you will save me

And I will sink deep as the Son still shines.


I'll kneel before Your Father and sing

"I've never known the days of my life to be complete.

But when I met Your child I was changed

So now I ask so humbly for Your grace."


I'll be Yours forever

You and I as one

The Son is shining

Warmth and security

The Son is shining

On you and me

I'll be Yours forever

And be what You need me to be


Dear True Love,

I know my feet won't touch the ground.

But I'll still fall into Your arms.

And I'll be in your heart.

And all will see the Son still shining on a cloudy day.


On you, on me.

On you, on me.



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My family
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