My Little Big Brother


My little big brother, how I loved you so much,

nineteen years, just wasn't enough.

From the time we were little and I watched you play,

I knew you would grow up, to be special some day.

If I would have known, how hard this would be,

I would have asked God, to have instead chosen me.

Young and adventurous, wild and free,

but loving and kind, we all would agree.

An uncle who took the time to see,

how beautiful my children could really be.

A son who knew, that the love of a dad,

was not something made of blood,

but something that we still had.

A brother to three sisters, a great one you always were,

how could this have happened, we're still totally unsure.

Children of our youth, please open your eyes,

before it's to late, and you can't hears my cries.

Drugs do not care,

about your race, gender, or class,

it does not care, if its your first time or your last.

Please know that when I say, overdoses aren't just for addicts,

because for my sweet little brother, this was not a habit.

A family robbed, of a future full of moments,

all for a drug, that has it's persuasive components.

Now that you lay, in the cold hard ground,

all I have is your memories, buried deep down.

I will never forget you, my big little brother,

so special to everyone, I would never imagine another.




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