Crosses Upon Crosses

It started with a small cross on their backs. They lived, and loved, only wanting the best for each other. As time went on, their crosses grew; and then came the moment where their crosses were united. Both of them doubled in crosses. Soon came another small cross, and another, and another. Building upon each other, weighing them down. And even though this hurt them, they were filled with joy for they were holding their children’s crosses. More crosses came, and then more. As their backs became permanently curved, they stood tall. They gladly carried their children’s crosses because they did not want them to suffer.

They continued to live with these crosses, walking slower and slower, but never stopping. Then, the time came when the crosses multiplied. These crosses were not put upon them, but they saw their family carrying these crosses, and did not want them to suffer.

So they put these crosses on their backs as well. Not knowing how much or how long they could withstand it, but fully willing anyways. The crosses grew heavier as grandchildren began to appear more and more. Their lives were full of love and laughter, and that was all they needed to know that this burden was worth it. They became weaker and weaker, but their love was even stronger. Loved ones came and asked to carry some of the crosses, but they did not want them to suffer.

So they continued to carry them. Sweat dripping from them, torn skin, deep cuts overflowing with blood, broken bones, but they were beautiful.

As they walked, the Lord watched. These crosses weighed many times more than they did, but the Lord helped them to carry it all. He loved them. He loves them. He was well pleased. And still is. They willingly carried these crosses upon crosses each step of their lives, and continue to do so, fulfilled with the freedom their family has to walk without burdens on their backs.

We ask why they suffer when they are so good, well, it’s because they asked to suffer for they believed we were good.  Each moment of our lives, they have carried our crosses. We will never be able to do enough to repay them. But we can thank them. And have confidence, for all the times that they have fallen to the ground because of the weight of our crosses, that many times, and more, they will rise.

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My family


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