Alpha To Omega

(From Scripture: Matthew 4:1-10; Matthew 27:50-53 & 60; Matthew 28)


From Alpha to Omega

You planned everything

Every heart and soul

Created to serve the King


The King that came

into human form

to deliver us all

from eternal harm


Jesus came here

For all of us

He came to heal

Set free the sin in us


Our guilt and shame

Our trash and pain

So we can proclaim

New life in his name


Denied by people

Attacked by satan

He didn’t flee here

But suffered the burden


Obeyed the Father’s will

Suffered torture to death

To cleanse us from our sin

And free us from the Devil’s wrath


His cry was powerful

The earth quaked and stones split

From the tombs rose the faithful

The skies no longer lit


Placed in a stone grave

Guarded until the third day

An angel left the guards amazed

When it moved the stone away  


Two women visited the grave

To see the King

But an Angel came

Sent to inform them


Jesus isn’t here

He is not dead

Don’t be filled with fear

He rose like he said


He goes before you

Into the city Galilee

Quickly leave I tell you

For there he will meet thee 


His disciples were taught

The great commission

To reach out without doubt

And make disciples of every nation


He commanded them

To baptize them in his name

Teach his word to them

Obey everything he named


From Alpha to Omega

Until the end of the age

He is with us always

No matter what we face

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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