baby i could care less

 you stole my heart and tied it up

now i want it back cause ive had enough

you stole my heart and hold it lock and key

thats okay though cant take me from me

baby i could care less

so many times i put up with your love

so many words you let out about how hard it was to trust

but you still expected the world of me

though you knew that trust didn.t come easy

but you could care less

the rules didnt apply to you

like some God you tried to make yourself out to be

well babe  guess you never truely knew me

becase if you did then through our eyes we would of both seen it

the strain your love had effected upon me

you pushed too hard you loved too strong

and now i could careless what happens to you

and now that i have my heart back i realized that it was never ment for you






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