The Weight of My Heart.

The Weight of My Heart.

By: Jordan Myrick

Cold, that was the first thing I was conscious of. The next was fire a bursting inferno that consumed and scorched my very being. I was drowning in flames but I was still ice cold. The world was gone, I fell surrounded by ice and flames into an unending abyss. Sometimes people say it's like falling asleep.

Some see a vast ocean of beautiful fish and colorful coral, some see a never ending galaxy of shooting stars and more colors than even rainbows themselves could imagine. But that was not what I saw, shadows and demons howled and cackled as they clung to the rocky sides of the bottomless tartarus.

I could not find the sin that I had committed that could possibly warrant this punishment. I thought perhaps Anubis had weight my heart and found it wanting but now instead of my heart being devoured my entire being was being consumed by this darkness. An eternity of suffering for a crime I was unaware I had committed.

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