South Africa

I'm thinking can you acquire everything in this world.
The answer is a no, but your hard work has to be overboard.
Am glimpsing through the book of life, and I see "Life is Short".
What life are we meant to live, we have to utilise every time of our life since "Life is Short".

People are dying.
Hennessey is pouring.
What's the difference ,u can't measure it.
Pleasure and death.
I remember ,Hennessey being poured down is equivalent to life being not utilised.
And people dying is equivalent to "Life is Short".

The whole world is darker now, am paranoid.
If the darkness over storms the light ,will I be annoyed.
Am thinking :misery,killing,terrorism.
And am also thinking :peace,love,generosity.
All these darkness and light put together are what we face in life.

A child is born, born into life.
Through life's experiences he becomes a man.
Everything in this world is scarce and everything in this world makes up life.
And scarcity brings about competition.
Competition brings about the best.
You can become the best in only one way.
That way is hard work.
Hard work begets wealth and u are provided the best.
The only way to succeed in life is through hard work.
Hard work is the fruit of all success.
And success is simply "Life well Spent".
Keep your head bent down and succeed.
Not everyone is meant to succeed though, but remember nothing comes easy.
" Life is Short".


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