The Logic Of Today's Youth


The Logic Of Todays Youth 
Many Young People Today are in great disposition
Simply because we refuse to defer from sin 
You see its not that we don't know any better 
or that we weren't taught  
Its just that we chose to live by things that can be brought 
We chose to follow the crowd 
And do whats on tv 
Dress like the celebrities 
And talk like the people on our CDs
We try to live this Glamorous life
Thats why we buy the new mikes 
But cant pay our tithes 
And the sad part is the ones that were raised in church
Grow up and waste all grandmas prayers 
And disregard our parents hard work 
And When We find ourselves in a situation or behind bars
We want to use the excuses about how life is hard
But What we fail to see 
Is to our disbelief 
Our life compared to our elders is easy 
But we take their wisdom for granted  
We think everything is a joke 
We want to run around thinking 
The purpose of our youth is to party drink and smoke 
The shield over our eyes block our vision
we can't see how we say RIP everyday
or notice all the missing children
even when death is all around us 
we are too stubborn to accept it
or maybe its just our simple minded negligence 
see what I came to realize is we see only what we chose
we think only about what we gain
but don't contemplate what we lose
It pains our elders to see such young minds wasted
because they know the world is going to end up being what we make it
so why not make it true to our pledge
and be one nation under god
indivisible with liberty and justice for all
which means we stand together and even if we fall
we will not be down for long
and we sure wont be defeated
any battle that comes our way
the father said we will beat it
so why not follow the man that will lead you to endless promises and victories
instead of trying to fit in the crowd that leads you to destruction and felonies
But when it all hits the fan and we know theres no other way out 
thats when we run to church and pray, cry and shout
when the entire time 
we had everyone in our ears trying to guide us the right way 
Man..I cant believe the logic of our youth today 
-Devine Booze 


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