The Land of Fulfilled Dreams


A world made of candy

gummy bears walking

there so yummy they belong in my tummy


The land is soft

just like my soul

i would like to pour lucky charms in my bowl


Cotton candy clouds in the air

it reminds me of the fair

the land is so beautiful

unicorns wave at me hello

the rainbow now seems to appear

although there was no rain in here


As i walk through this dreamy land

i fall down and notice this door

how could i not see this

its so dull, old, and cold


As i approach beneath are these red bold words

“beware for those who enter, remorsement and sorrow may follow you behind”

and there i go entering that door

I’ve never seen such a hatred life

where no one seems to care


With no light guiding their away

everyone seems to be lost in this maze

children are desperately looking for food and help


Some are screaming and dragging themselves around

parents dead on the floor

some are holding their loved ones in their arms

crying and blessing their hearts


Houses broken and burned down

the air is so filthy,i'm coughing out loud

as i walk my way back i notice something so familiar and strange…

this one little girl seems to illustrate me her way


Shes dragging a teddy bear and seems to be scared

she covers her face with her whole hair

as i sit next to her

i ask her what's wrong ?


She confesses and tells me what happened along

it seems that this world is falling apart

why does this world need to be cruel?

why can’t my dreams become true .....


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