Eternal Carnival of Suffering Galore

Underneath the surface

Tucked just out of sight

There is a dark and dirty place

A place of endless night

The sun has never risen

The moon hides as well

Just pay the toll

Sell your soul

And I'll see you down in Hell

Walk amongst the damned

The ones God has forgotten

Even you can have the privilege

Of residing in the dark Land of the Rotten

The shadows are alive

Unblinking eyes 

And blackened hearts

They'll feast upon your sorrows

They'll tear you right apart

Come and meet the locals

The lunatics and liars

And don't forget to take a dip

In the Sea of Endless Fire

Dirty deeds and selfish ways

Will get you in the door

We kindly welcome you

To the Eternal Carnival of Suffering Galore

Time is an illusion

Tomorrow will never come

So you can spend eternity

Regretting all you've done

So if you're into pain

Or maybe degradation

Then Hell's your place

Your life's a waste

Come take a long vacation

Psychopaths and killers

Will show you all the sights

The River Styx

And the Devil's playground

Are just a few of Hell's delights

So if you crave the darkness

We've got a spot just for you

If you love to sin

You'll fit right in 

There's always room for more

Just say goodbye

Hurry up and die

And I'll meet you at the door

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