Procession of Sounds


Thump thump
Who’s there? Nothing but the breeze.
Scrape scrape
What’s that? Nothing but the trees.

Imagination taking over
Hearing everything but reality.
When will it come to pass
This feeling of longing for nothing.

Click click
What’s that? Just the clock.
Jingle jingle
What’s that? Just the neighbor.

Imagination overwhelms
Hearing what isn’t true.
How can I make it stop
This thinking you’re still here.

Hey hey
Sorry, someone else.
Look look
No. Just a stranger.

Imagination dominates
Seeing false realities.
When will it disappear
The face that won’t return.

Ring ring
Leave it. It’s not the one.
Knock knock
Who is it? It can’t be true.

Imagination disintegrates
See through the lies.
Why must you return
When I’ve finally moved on.

Slam slam
No. Just leave.
Weep weep
Yes. I’m past this.

Reality settles
Brings on the pain.
Here is where it ends
That feeling of longing for nothing.


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