True Colors


Yellow is associated with happiness
But I associate it with greed
Too much money and not enough love
Is something no one needs

But if we all clasp our hands together
And share in the agreement of pain
Maybe we’d forget all our problems
And find that all humans are essentially the same

Red is associated with passion 
But I associated it with hate
Blood left on the battlefield can testify
About what can come of love professed too late

But if we all sing in unison
What a triumphant song it will bring
Maybe we’ll forget all our hatred
If we all lifted our voices to sing

They say white is the new darkness
But I associate humanity’s heart with black
Because deep inside, evil hides
And the morning sun can’t chase it back

But if we all write poetry
Maybe humanity’s evil will reside
No need for persecution to bring purity back to life
And no need to change what we humans will always be inside

Purple is associated with evil
But I associate it with love
Enough light to equal out the darkness
And it’ll shine out the heavens above

If we only could learn to love
For what we all are and smile
The maybe we would bring happiness back
And this world would be worth the while

Blue is associated with sadness
But I associate it with the spirit of yesterday
The world that fought for what it wanted
And never worried about the price it had to pay

Maybe if today’s world knew what to fight for
Instead of one man’s wealth
Maybe we’d rise above death
And preserve our families’ health

Pink is associated with sweetness
But I think of all things sour
Like pastries baked with care
They’ll only last an hour

Maybe if we took this rainbow
And use it for the common good
Just maybe we’ll be the ones to break the cycle
And do the things we should


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