Blue Snow


I thought your face was covered in snow

I tried to find it, but it’d never show

Old soul, from which I learned a lot

Never told me how to take care of my heart


I’m running through the forests, the snow is so cold

The air looks blue, I feel like in another world

I keep looking for you, I can’t find you anywhere

I know that you’re in a better place, I wonder where


Fragile as a rose, you’d lay beside me on the floor

Then you got up, as a butterfly, and I couldn’t see you anymore

Now the snow melted, I am trapped in a desert

Singing with scorpions, crying with serpents


I couldn’t get up, I’m still down on the ground

Numb as a stone, hearing no images, seeing no sounds

I have holes in my body, all my cells are leaving

They’re coming to you, they want to be living


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Our world
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