No one sees the pain you hide.they look past you like your alright.their words cut right into your throatyou cant trust your friends anymoreevery word they say knocks you down. you keep seeing death surroundyour screaming out, crying loudbut all you hear is mocking sounds.they tear right thru your soulforget about your heart they already have their holdthey stabbed you from the start. these rumors are never endingnever ceasing only cry alone at night you hold yourself tight.then you plaster on a smilebut only for a short while.your burning with fury and anger your friends are now just strangers. your alone and you have no onejust like Jesus God's own Son;you are mocked and rejected ridiculed and infectedwith lies that cut you leaving scars that will never heal. You do what You said you'd never dothe pain was screaming thru. there was no other one to turn to. the pain was unbearable. do you feel better or just terrible.  you can try to cover up the shame. the hurt. but its all just the same. no one ever cared at first. now deep inside your hurting. its a feeling that cant be explained only felt. your living inside your own little hell.  your screaming thru tears. as you conquer your fears.but reality drowns out every word. youre done trying to please others; since when did they ever care? You begin to realize how life truly isnt fair.  your being swallowed up by your own thoughts.  your slowly dying from the inside. if you said goodbye.then would they maybe, finally realize? would they miss you? would they even care if you turned off the light? would they begin to notice then; that all along you were SUFFERING.

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