Here it is

All this time  I was waiting for a sign
A time when it wouldn't hurt so much
A place where I could love myself 
And not retort to a blade

I wonder if they care
I wonder if they notice
I wonder if they truely love me
Or if it's all an act

I hold it all in
The tears
The fears
The scars that show with each hurtful word

My heart is broken
No one's there to fix it
I've become the background color
When I should be the main picture of my life

I tell them my story and they give sympathy
They think that's what will help me
Little do they know,
It only makes it worse

Tears are full of blood
Fears are for the future
Scars are from all the times
They thought to break my heart

I have a love that won't flourish
An Angel that is dead
My support left me long ago
My life completly fled


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