The man on the corner begging for change with tears in his eyes

Passersby walk on never even knowing he exists.

Some that do will call him a bum say he’s just some lazy shit

He gets what he deserves cause he didn’t fight hard enough to resist.

His daughter died of cancer, his wife couldn’t take the toll

Laid off due to a poor economy just a man with a broken soul.

The bully beats him down and anger instills within the fallen

Never knowing the beatings he takes at home

The alcohol makes him so violent and mean.

Lives the life’s he’s always seen.

The world in all it’s bright and beautiful form

Has some deviation far from the norm.

Even the brightest places have a place where shadows lie

Tears falling from those we judge we just never see them cry.

We blame it on religion as if one religion would solve it

We blame on society and say it’s the parents and the games.

Forever pushing it away from us we can’t dare to take it in

We yell it out into the open but never call our name.

Drop a quarter, talk to someone gently, listen to the past

Buy a sandwich, offer a smile, something to last.

Tragedies befall us even when the stars shine brightest in the night

Hiding our tears in the rain makes it easier to say they were never there

Our heart burns and our eyes shine so bright

We seem to forget our nature is inherently to care.

We’ve deviated from the source, the source within ourselves

When we let go of ideas we can save somebody else.


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