For Your Love

Dear my love, whose name is unknown

I’ve encrypted my unspoken words onto this heart of stone


Each waking hour, each restless night, every passing moment all a paradigm

I’ve waited for you then, I’m waiting for you now, but it feels like a lifetime


My heart is bound to this everlasting loneliness

And my heart is cracking under these unrelenting doubts that affiliate with my reasons


I feel as though never knowing you would be my eternal sorrow

And today would keep repeating itself with an indefinite hope for tomorrow


No moon, would ever dawn on my night, no sun would ever set

No star would ever shine the same or as bright, if we never met


And I envy those who spend their joyous lives with the one they love, they are blessed

For they no longer will experience what a dejected heart has missed


The glimmer in your eyes, your smile, your laugh, your voice, your kiss, the lightest touch of your hand

It is a love like this that most wouldn’t understand


If I could, I would drive to you, board a train, even learn to fly a plane

I would take a boat; I would swim, even run under a downpour of rain


I’d even dare to grow wings of an angel, if I could

Or take off with a hot air balloon, I’d take any means of transportation, I would


For you would never imagine the choices I’d make

And you’d never know what roads I would take


Never could you be duplicated

And if I cannot reach you, these words will never be incapacitated


Your love is as wide and beautiful as an ocean but you are bereft of

My everlasting love


So embrace me in your changing tide

To the heart of your sea is where I’ll reside


But until our time comes, I’ll just have to make-do

But it feels like a lifetime without you…without you…


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