Take One by Mouth

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 21:47 -- gesh

I see you through the clear, curved, orange plastic over my eyes

You taste like metal opium

The spoon still stuck between my teeth

Gnaw marks in the handle

From when I tried to swallow it whole, swallow it dry

Swallow it all at once


Take one by mouth,

The doctor said as he grinned at my tears


Shame, shame

Crying is reserved for humans

For hearts

For brains

For souls

For bodies that work


You are a disease

You thrust your roots into my brain

Wrapped and wrapped and wrapped yourself round my heart

And squeezed with a smile, like a boa constrictor trying to tell Eve

Take the bite, sweetheart


Take one by mouth

Take me by mouth

Swallow the bitter truth, choke back the vomit and tears

Wrap me in the purest virgin sheets

And call the coroner in the morning

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